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The Mysterious Club 13 & The Work Witch Halloween Song

 The video above features the Halloween theme song that’s sweeping the supernatural nation! Apparently it’s the most requested song in exclusive underground nightclubs, and raves around Halloween that only cater to those within the true paranormal community. Havens for … Continue reading

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Harrowing Halloween Haunted House Hazards

On Halloween morning, within the wayward Witching Hour, the supernatural team at Mystic Investigations was met with hellish havoc.  We faced two evil vampires, and their minions that also included werewolves, and zombies.  Their plans included initiating a vampire apocalypse.  … Continue reading

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Halloween Autumn Farms Village

In a remote rural area of Kentucky in the late 1800’s, a group of like minded individuals from Salem, MA built a collective farm. They came together as a small self-reliant village who wanted to remain in harmony with nature. … Continue reading

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Get Your Own Holographic Halloween Witch

 Bring the Spirit Of Halloween into your haunted house with a spooky witch DVD. This DVD is specifically designed to be played on a large flat screen TV to give your Trick Or Treat visitors a window into a … Continue reading

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