Hall’s Hillary Clinton Cough Drops

In a Parallel Universe Hillary Clinton parlays her infamous public speaking gagging fits into a lucrative Hall’s Cough Drops endorsement after losing her 2016 Presidential bid. She coughs her way across the country going through a bag of Clinton Formula Halls every day!  Along the way she pulls in $100,000 or more speaking of her … Read moreHall’s Hillary Clinton Cough Drops

The Old Sneak Behind And Scream Scare

Nothing like the stealthy tiptoeing up on someone only to shriek in their ear so they’re sent flying in the air screaming. Add a spooky costume to the mix, and you have even more laughs. Then on top of that make it a celebrity as the source of the scare for even more entertainment. The … Read moreThe Old Sneak Behind And Scream Scare

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