Where Does Santa Claus Live & What Is It Like?

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North Pole Village Building

I recently had the pleasure of visiting Santa’s home located in North Pole City.  Sometimes called North Pole Village, the winter wonderland sits atop the frozen ice in the middle of the Arctic Ocean.  He lives in Claus Manor which is a large home for his wife Holly, two kids, and various guests.  I slept in the Frosty The Snowman Room overlooking downtown North Pole Village in the distance.  The Manor is nestled among evergreen trees, all decorated with colorful lights, atop the highest hill in the village so you can see everything.  The predominant hill for skiing, and sledding.  The home itself has a quaint 19th century country feel to it.  The decor, and the traditions followed in the beautiful home are reminiscent of American, and various European countries as well.  There’s also a heated stable where Santa’s nine Enchanted Reindeer live, including Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer.

North Pole Village is surrounded by large glacier walls, and it’s magically cloaked by Santa so nobody except supernatural entities, and invited guests can see the village.  Entry is by flying sleigh or walking through magical points in the glacier that are merely optical illusions.  However recently a small airport was built in the middle of the industrial district to accommodate private jets. It is very near the actual geographic Arctic North Pole so there was naturally no vegetation or animals originally present.  However a Polar Bear might wander about every so often.  Santa was in fact Earths first real Terraformer due to turning the frozen ice region into real land with soil, plants, and animals.  The mystical soil is sparkling with golden dust of some sort.  However it’s rarely seen because snow always covers the ground.  There’s no grass but plenty of conifer trees, bushes, and shrubs.  Besides reindeer there’s white Arctic bunnies hopping about at peace with the white Arctic foxes.  There’s holes in the Arctic Sea ice where Seals come up every so often.  Santa also brought Penguins from the South Pole to take up residence in his magical village.  They often march about whistling Christmas tunes.  Clearly they’ve been enchanted like his talking sentient Reindeer.

The center of the village is downtown where Main Street intersects with Saint Nicholas Boulevard.  In the middle of the intersection is the biggest Christmas tree on Earth.  So tall in fact that you can’t see the top without flying overhead.  The village is full of little rustic shops, and restaurants which are mainly for the benefit of special guests.  However they’re places for Elves to unwind or Santa & his family to go out on the town.  At the edge of town is St.Nickolaus’s Holy Church Of The Northern Light where St.Nick aka Santa holds weekly Sunday church services.  His home is straight North down Saint Nicholas Boulevard, and is located next to an outer glacier wall.  However his backyard has a large buffer of Christmas trees.  On the opposite end of the street going South at the edge of another glacier wall is Elf Manor where the Chief Elf, and some other top level Elves live.  The other Elves live in various homes near the manor.

To the east is the industrial district where all the toys, and other gifts are created for the good children, and adults of the world as well.  Particularly the ones who battle the forces of paranormal evil.  To the west is Claus Forest which is a mystical evergreen forest where the legendary Frosty The Snowman lives.  In addition Jack Frost has a home on the edge of the forest.  In the center of the forest is a huge lake where much ice skating takes place as Christmas music plays in the background, and roasted Chestnuts are handed out at will.  On the other edge of the forest is a giant amusement park called Santa’s Winter Wonderland.  It’s a spectacle of fun that rivals Disney World.

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If you’re lucky enough to be invited to North Pole Village then you will consider it the most magical place you ever visited.  It makes Disney World look beyond boring in comparison.

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