Proper Care Of The Mystical Crimson Christmas Poinsettia

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December 12th is Poinsettia Day! Certainly the Poinsettia is the quintessential plant of Christmas featuring it’s striking crimson flowering leaves.  Not only is it a must for beautiful Christmas decor but also a repellent for Dark Christmas evil.  Namely the Anti-Claus, who is weakened by this mystical foliage that embodies the Spirit Of ChristmasSanta Claus, along with Mrs.Claus, decorates North Pole City’s Claus Manor prominently with the proud Poinsettia.  Naturally there is a price to pay for all that the pretty Poinsettia provides to those in the paranormal, and human communities.  It’s rather difficult to care for past a short period of time during the Christmas season when it blooms red with glamorous glee.  However a well cared for Poinsettia may be able to last to almost the time of Easter with crimson leaves intact. Those who take great care may be able to maintain a poinsettia indefinitely. Although it will be completely dark green with no trace of red.

Light And Water Are The World For A Precious Plant

Place your precious plant near the window in your home that receives the brightest light. However take care to avoid direct sunlight.  A southern window with an extremely thin shade or blinds closed may very well be the best lighting option.  Let the top inch of soil dry out before watering it as the crimson and emerald foliage care not for their roots to become water logged. Avoid drafts in the winter whether it be heat from air vents or cold from poorly insulated doors, and windows.  Room temperature is ideal. Poinsettias can be sensitive to temperature fluctuations.  They prefer temperatures between 75-65 degrees fahrenheit. Indeed the Poinsettia is a delicate Prince of a plant who also has issues with humidity as well.  50% air humidity is what it craves.  Utilize a humidifier or mist the leaves with water during the dry indoor winter heating season.

As Christmas, and New Year’s Day comes to pass leaves may fall, and flutter upon your table creating a personal indoor autumn. Please don’t give up on your mystical botanical treasure.  It will start to grow new green leaves, and if you’re lucky it will bloom ruby red again during the next Christmas season.  Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

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