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Mystical Triangle

The Mystical Triangle is an area of higher than usual paranormal activity within the mid United States. Its corners extend from Woodland Springs, Colorado to Lodi, Wisconsin to Violet, Louisiana. Woodland Springs is at the apex and the main paranormal power source of the triangle is the Heart Of The Mystical Forest. Supernatural activity happens […]

The Great Mermaid Civilizations Of Earth

Mermaids are very religious, and loyal to their sea Gods.  The main reason for multiple Mermaid populaces around the globe is their disagreement of who is the true heir, and supreme God of Earth’s Oceans. Atlantis (North Atlantic) – The original Mermaid civilization, and the largest population as well.  It’s considered the Mermaid Capital of […]

McTavish International Academy Of Magical Sciences

McTavish International Academy Of Magical Sciences, sometimes simply called McTavish Magic School, is the most preeminent and exclusive school of magic on Earth! It’s located in the magical highlands of Scotland on the shores of the mystical and picturesque Loch Ness. The entire academy, including the students, are invisibly cloaked via powerful magicks. The school […]

Paranormal Places

A list of secret supernatural locations on our paranormal planet. Only those in the metaphysical know are aware of these perplexing places along with having the ability to travel to them. Usually an invite is required unless it’s an enchanted emergency. Some include general paranormal hot spots that anyone can travel within. The most famous […]