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Magic Spells

Wondrous words weaved amid ritualistic relics can yield magical measures for those who beautifully believe! Appearance Spells Glamouring Spell Compelling Answers Figuring Our Your True Supernatural Status Summoning Spells🧚‍♀️ Summoning A Cupid Summon A Protective Flower Fairy Summoning A Leprechaun Love Spells💘 Casting Simple Love Spells Full Moon Love Spell Miscellaneous Birthday Superpower Spell🎂 Vampire […]

Witchcraft Wicca Spells

Various spells of witchcraft and other magical incantations.  Also check out our Magic Spells page… Casting Simple Love Spells | Full Moon Love Spell | Summoning A Leprechaun | Supernatural Status | More Magic Spells…   General Spells A wide range of general spells that don’t fit into the specific areas of the other books. […]

Top 12 Schools Of Magic On Earth

A list of the top 12 magic schools in no particular order based on number of students, and influence in the secret supernatural society. Although the first entry is considered the number one magic school on Earth! Most of these mystical institutions of higher magical education are supernaturally cloaked so as to be invisible to […]