Valentine’s Day Cupid Summoning Spell

If you find yourself in dire straits at the mercy of a Dark Cupid, aka Anti-Love Demon, then summoning a Heavenly Cupid may be your only option. Utilize the spell below to save your Saint Valentine’s Day from horrifying hatred, or agonizing apathy!

In the name of Saint Valentine I call upon the Cupid of Love,
Your Dark Brothers of hatred have descended upon me,
Please come to my aid in peace like a dove,
I implore you in the name of love to heed my plea!

Holding rose petals, rubies, or Lamprocapnos (Bleeding Heart Plant) in hand will aid the spell along with repelling the Anti-Cupid.  Especially if made holy by a blessing from a priest or witch. The spell will work to a lesser extent if you’re simply looking for intervention due to lack of love. Cupid’s already have a list of people they plan to aid in this quest.
Ruby Heart Necklace

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