Why Can’t Vampires Enter A Home Without Being Invited?

Angry Powerful VampireThere was a time many thousands of years ago when Vampires were able to enter anyone’s home uninvited, and have their way with them.  This caused great fear of sleeping at night among villagers in ancient Europe, Africa, and the Far East.   The Native Americans were the first to deal with vampires by enchanting their teepees, and wigwams against the intrusion of any supernatural entity.  However they also had the advantage of Sasquatch protecting them.  Some of the Natives also embraced the Werewolf curse, and made it their own as further protection from the world of supernatural darkness.

The Celtic Pagans, at the center of the birth of modern witchcraft, were the second to devise a method of protection from vampires.  Covens from all around the British Isles, including Ireland, gathered together thanks to psychic communication.  They then created an extremely powerful spell that called upon the Goddesses, and Gods to enchant homes all over the Isles.  The spell dictated that a vampire must be invited in a persons home, otherwise it could not gain entry into a dwelling.  Unfortunately back then there was no differentiation between private, and public places.  Other magical cultures around the world came up with similar protection spells.  Although without a unified spell there were gaps for vampires to take advantage of.

Long before there was telecommunications, or even letter communication between cultures, there was mystical psychic communications.  Long before explorers knew about far off lands, those in the ancient paranormal community knew they existed.  If they told anyone about their visions of distant lands they were generally laughed at since it was thought that traveling too far from home would lead someone to the edge of the flat Earth, and they’d fall off into a void, or even into Hell itself.  At some point in the past all the various cultures of the world created a global paranormal communications network, and it was decided that a global vampire spell would be cast.  It took all the worlds good magic to create the worldwide global vampire invitation spell so innocent humans could rest easy, and relax in a place of protection from vampires.   Naturally religious dwellings, and hallowed ground were always safe havens from the heathens of hell.  The global spell calls upon sympathetic Angelic forces rather than the Earthly Gods, and Goddesses.   It identifies vampires demonic DNA at the outer walls of a home, and sets up an invisible force field that denies them entry.  Not even the most powerful vampire on Earth has been able to force their way through the bewitching barrier.  In fact not even the most powerful Sorcerer can break the force field around any home.

You might ask why they just didn’t make it where a vampire couldn’t enter at all no matter what?   The reason is that human free will is a powerful mystical force all it’s own, and it had to be addressed when casting the grand spell.  You also might be thinking why not cast a spell to eradicate vampires from the Earth?   Unfortunately there are limits to what good magic can do because the forces of evil black magic always counter it.  Naturally the global paranormal communications network was open to anyone who knows magic, whether it be good or evil.  They fought the forces of good with counter spells so we’re lucky we at least have the vampire invite spell.

Everywhere on Earth a vampire may not enter a private residence without being invited in by a human who dwells within the home.  This includes entire apartment buildings, and the individual apartments itself.  In other words vampires need a double invite to get to you.  It’s one perk of renting an apartment.  Once a vampire is invited in they can’t be uninvited except through a powerful spell that requires the vampire to be on the exact threshold of a doorway leading outside while various magics are employed along with the reading of an incantation.  If by various means a vampire finds themselves inside a home uninvited they will feel the immense pressure of a magic shield which ends up knocking them permanently unconscious.  During this time they can be perpetually stored away, staked, or dragged outside.  If every human residing in a home should die then a vampire can enter uninvited.  Vampires themselves take up residence in places such as that, or homes they have built, or any place abandoned by humans.

The vampire invitation spell mostly draws on the mystical dream state we all enter upon sleeping.  Although there are other factors that guide it as well.  Thousands of years later businesses, and public buildings came to exist that were in fact not homes.  So vampires could enter without an invite.  This allowed for vampires to mingle among humans more easily, and have a life outside roaming about the woods, and countryside.  Over the years there has been talk of casting another global spell to add all dwellings.  However in modern times there is far less magic being practiced than there was in ancient times.  In addition it takes great effort for good witches, wizards, and even sorcerers to hold the wicked witches, wayward wizards, sinister sorcerers, and warlocks at bay since every so often powerful vampires enlist their help to try, and reverse the global invite spell.  They also work to perpetuate other nefarious plots against humanity, and the forces of supernatural good.

One flaw in the spell is the fact that most modern humans wouldn’t have a clue if a vampire was at their door or not.  In ancient times many knew what to look for, and had other forms of protection, and repellents that made it rather obvious that a person was a vampire.  Luckily most people don’t invite complete strangers into their home.  However if a vampire really wants inside they could pose as a delivery and repair persons, or get involved with your friends or family so they can gain credibility.  All we can say is that you must be vigilant, and wary of all strangers no matter what their credentials are.  Enjoy the protection of the vampire invite spell, don’t take it for granted, and sleep easy at night knowing the blasphemous blood suckers can’t get to you.

On a final note, the spell is confined to Earth, or at least we think so.  Despite the rare occurrence of Angelic forces being called upon, and cooperating to cast the spell, the ancient texts only seem to indicate the entire planet, and nothing beyond.  There’s some evidence that the Moon might be included although nobody had any concept that a human could travel to the Moon or live there someday.  They certainly had no concept of outer space travel.  So it’s very likely that vampires hundreds of years from now could terrorize people on space ships, and other planets throughout the Milky Way galaxy, and beyond.  Hopefully by then the world will be ready to know the truth about vampires, and have technological protections against them.

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