Is Mary Poppins Real And What Is She?

What Kind Of Supernatural Being Is Mary Poppins?
Goddess-Mary-PoppinsYes Mary Poppins is real, and originates in a parallel Universe somewhat similair to ours.  She has visited several other Universes including our own.  One of Mary’s trips here inspired P.L. Travers to write her series of Mary Poppins books that eventually spawned the famous 1964 Disney movie by the same name.  Miss Poppins certainly displays characteristics of a Goddess in the stories presented to us.  The power of flight, the ability to speak with animals, weather control, teleportation, ability to create fantasy bubble Universes, and various psychokinetic powers. Goddesses are also known for being vain, and Mary referred to herself as “practically perfect in every way” as she continually gazed at her beauty in the mirror.  She was kind, and nurturing to children while stern when needed.  She was beloved by a variety of good supernatural beings while feared by the forces of darkness.

Mary was also called “The Great Exception” not only due to her unique ascension to Earthly Godhood, similair to Celtic, Greek or Roman Gods, but also due to her superiority above almost all beings she encountered.  She was considered invincible in paranormal circles across many parallel realities.  This is especially due to the fact that Goddesses almost never mingle among humans, or even lower paranormal entities, with such intimacy.  Most Goddesses only relate with others of their Godly kind, and prefer to be worshiped from afar by the lower little people.  Since Mary was one of the rare humans who ascended to Godhood status within life she retained an affinity to be around humanity.  She would sometimes scold those who attempted to worship her, and even once shut down a cult created in her name.

The Goddess Poppins especially loved children since she missed having any of her own due to her choice to live as a pure virgin.  It’s said if she ever partakes of sensual relations she will fall from grace, and lose her Goddess status since her powers are so inexorably tied to her purity.  Something not seen in any normal Goddess. This is most certainly her Kryptonite!  The magic of innocence in her takes the place of worship that a normal Goddess needs to survive in top form.

For unknown reasons Mary never lost the purity, and innocence from early childhood that Supernatural-Mary-Poppinsalmost every adult loses.  This is where her initial power stemmed from.  Some of the general signs of human childhood magic include the ability to see ghosts, and other entities most older humans can’t.  Somewhere along the way a good witch saw huge potential in Mary, and trained her in the practice of white magic.  She accelerated well past witchcraft into wizardry, and eventually sorcery all the while maintaining her impeccable innocence.  Finally one day she realized all the power was within her, and she ascended to Goddesshood. Mary Poppins became a traveler who enjoys exploring the grand Universe, and beyond while performing good deeds along the way!

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