What Is The First Day Of The Halloween Season?

Jack-O-Lantern Of Unholy LightThe first crispy chill wafted from the icy far north at the start of the week. It heralding a hint of the fabulous iridescent cavalcade of colors that is the Autumn season!  The heart of Autumn is of course the ultimate holiday of balance between good, and evil known as Halloween, or All Hallows Eve.  A time when both sides attempt to marshal up enough magic to defeat the other. In the paranormal community Halloween used to start at the Autumnal Equinox.  However with Shala, the mysterious Queen Of Halloween, finally exiting out of the shadows of secretive history we have learned for centuries the true first day of the All Hallows Season was at a special ceremony she presides over.  The location in the Northern Hemisphere when the first leaf of Autumn looses it’s green chlorophyll hue, and turns a marvelous shade of either crimson, orange, gold, or even violet.  Read The Rest On Our Halloween Blog…

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