Do Zombies Ever Sleep?

zombie-asleepTechnically they don’t sleep nor do they need to sleep since they’re dead.  However a zombie hoard will stop after a certain amount of time with their heads hanging down while remaining motionless if no prey is present.  Zombies that wander off alone will eventually collapse, and appear truly dead if no prey or other zombies are seen after a period of time.  However they’ll pop back up again the minute they smell or hear any humans, animals, or zombies.  Sometimes weather conditions including a brisk wind will get them animated again.  Never assume that a motionless zombie lying on the ground is harmless.  Destroy the brain, and ask questions later!

On a related note I’m half zombie, and I only sleep 3-4 hours a night.  Clearly that’s all my human half needs despite the average adult requiring 7-8 hours of sleep per night.

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I'm Mystic Investigations Chief Cryptozoologist. I became interested in Cryptids when I found out my missing father was in fact a zombie. A pre-zombie who fathered me while he was infected with the paranormal zombification virus. Now I'm some how a zombie-human hybrid. Although I look perfectly normal, and live a mostly normal life. Well except for the fact that I can fake being dead, and can go a long time without breathing oxygen. My blood holds the key to curing the zombie scourge that infests our paranormal planet.

2 thoughts on “Do Zombies Ever Sleep?

    • No they can’t speak at all. You generally only get low growling, gasping, hissing, and miscellaneous guttural sounds. As far as we can tell their mind is like a mindless killing machine with the animal urge to obsessively feed on human flesh.

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