The Legend Of The Mystical State Serial Killers

The Outer Facade Of The Notorious Mystical State Prison

Somewhere in an undisclosed location in the middle of a clearing deep within what is now the Nantahala National Forest of North Carolina, lies a ghost prison with a terror filled past.  The Mystical State Prison was established in 1902 as an experiment in true criminal rehabilitation.  A group of wealthy philanthropists who just happened to be members of the ruling 13 families of the Illuminati funded it secretly through less influential wealthy families as their front men.  The philanthropic organization was known as the Mystical Philanthropic Group.  The prisoners were given exceptional freedoms to roam about the woods, and partake of various activities.  In reality the prisoners were being secretly conditioned to become a squad of killers to act as a private expendable mercenary force for the Illuminati.  The prison warden, Hal Barton, the head psychologist Victor Frank, and Chief Guard Albert Jenkins knew the true sinister purpose of the prison while most of the staff, and guards were ignorant of what was really going on.  All three were loyal minions of the New World Order, and were hell bent on not letting their masters down.   Hal and Victor headed the revolutionary and unusually futuristic social conditioning program that mixed subliminal programming with ungodly demonic magics.  Hal was a accomplished Warlock, and Albert was a demon worshiping serial killer who considered Hal his mentor.  Together this unholy trinity of evil worked to corrupt the various criminals that ranged from one time murders down to thieves.

Most of the prison populace was fundamentally good people who were simply victims of environment, and genetics while a handful were indeedThe sinister unholy halls of the Mystical State Prison into hardcore evil.  From that small pool they drew more of the men into their wicked web of deception.  The subliminal and hypnotic programming along with demonic rituals in the woods, and within the basement of the facility eventually turned half the prisoners into blood thirsty killers.  Unfortunately for the unholy trio, and the Illuminati, the prisoners ended up turning their loyalties over to a dark demonic force who cared not for the NWO, and their plans for global domination.  He damned the prisoners down a dark path to hell, and sent them on a rampage of death, and torture that decimated half the prison population not with them in the year 1907.  In the final hours of the bloody terror around Midnight Hal, Victor, and Albert were terrified for the first time in their life as they barricaded themselves in the wardens office cut off from any communications from the outside world.  They now realized that their dark masters had turned on them, and they would ironically die by their own hands indirectly.  As the hoard of demon influenced serial killers broke the door down, and burst into the office, Hal attempted to take them down using his Warlock powers.  However the men were too many, and too fueled by demonic rage to be stopped even by magic.  The unholy trinity was eradicated, and the serial killers fled into the woods eager to find the nearest town to continue their killing spree.  Along the way they killed numerous animals with their bare hands for food.

Within days they made it to a small town called Petesville which is now non-existent.  Once in town the hoard of serial killers terminated theentire population.  Luckily a number of telegraphs for help were sent out and US Marshals rolled into the area.  They confronted the killers at the border of a village known as Shaylette.  Unfortunately the Marshals were no match for the crazed killers.  They were overwhelmed but luckily most of the village had already fled after hearing of what happened in Petesville.  The rampaging serial killers acquired horses at a large ranch, and rode onward.  The North Carolina State Defense Militia met the hellish prisoner army at the town of Waynesville.  There a bloody battle raged.  Unfortunately the army of over 95 serial killers had begun manifesting various evil powers in addition to their unusual super strength, and speed.  Their very DNA was being demonically reshaped.  The Militia was forced to retreat, and all hope seemed to be lost for Waynesville when all the sudden something amazing happened.  The eye witness reports are sketchy but it seems that a group of people claiming to be from the future had come back looking for Victor who was in fact a mad scientist from the early 21st century.  The time the team of temporal warriors were from.  They were unable to go back further due to it not being predestined in the original timeline until this point.  Otherwise they’d have simply traveled to the past of a near similar parallel Universe.

There the team of 7 stood ready to engage in deadly mortal combat with the nearly 100 serial killers.  With a combination of futuristic weaponsMain Street where the epic supernatural battle of Waynesville took place in 1907. including what one bystander called a “sunlight gun”, and various magical powers, the demonic warriors were vanquished from this Earth in an awesome battle of epic proportions.  The time travelers promptly disappeared afterward, and hillbillies spotted them near the location the prison was thought to be near.  Legend has it that they went after the demonic force in the prison who was in the form of a poltergeist.  It’s unknown if they


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