Who Is David S Pumpkins?

dspumpkinsYou may have seen the infamous Saturday Night Live skit featuring the wacky David S Pumpkins as played by Tom Hanks. However you may not know that David Pumpkins is a real enchanted entity of unknown origin. One of several supernatural Halloween Beings. He is known for wearing his terrifically trademarked Jack-O-Lantern Suit while declaring his name with pride. His helpers in his Halloween mission are what appear to be two humans in skeleton costumes, and makeup. The puzzling trio enjoys creepily break dancing to weird music that comes out of thin air in the Spirit Of Halloween.

In real life David S Pumpkins is an associate of the Queen of Halloween Shala. He is a recent addition to the Queens cavalcade of characters ever since she stepped out of the supernatural shadows in 2013. This after centuries of hiding from those who would do her harm because of her Angel-Demon Hybrid nature. David acts an Ambassador for Shala’s Halloween Island, and also as her messenger to the world. His skeleton buddies are in fact sapient zombies who have decayed to a bony form. However some have also referred to them as ghosts. Most likely because of their astral projection abilities. Any paranormal powers they have outside of their zombie nature are granted by proxy through David. They act as enforcers, or simple assistants when needed on David’s various Halloween missions around the world.

Mr. Pumpkins is thought to be a mere human who simply loved Halloween with such an innocent child like passion that he caught the attention of Shala. She probably also liked the fact that he knows how to keep a secret and seems to not say much more than his name. The proud Pumpkins name he bellows forth with exuberant glee! It’s not known if that’s his birth name or something he bestowed upon himself. The Halloween Queen imbued David with mystical powers for his own protection, and that of the hallowed Halloween cause of bringing balance between light, and darkness in our reality. One of his known powers is that of teleportation as seen in the SNL skit where he magically appeared behind a scared couple in the elevator. He has also displayed telekinetic, and levitation abilities. The supernatural world has a habit of informing humans of various things in the guise of fiction whether it be in book, TV, or movie form. The story of David is no different.

On October 28, 2017 Saturday Night Live premiered The David S Pumpkins Halloween Special. An animated cartoon featuring a weird dim witted David inadvertently saving Halloween from a gang of candy stealing punks. In the end some noble lesson should have been learned but all David cared about was pigging out on Halloween candy. The real David Pumpkins is simply childlike rather than being classically less than intelligent. He does love to voraciously devour Halloween candy but he adores the Spirit Of Halloween, and his beloved Queen Shala, even more! In addition his deep desire for All Hallows Eve candy isn’t merely glutenous behavior. Halloween Candy is imbued with the Halloween Spirit which further fuels David’s supernatural powers. The cartoon also hinted at Molecular Manipulation powers when he turned a strawberry car back into its fruit form.

Hopefully The David S Pumpkins Halloween Special will follow in the footsteps of It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown as an annual hallowed Halloween event for both kids, and adults to enjoy!

David Pumpkins Signature Move Is Seen Below. It’s said to be a secret sign language spell that invokes the Spirit Of Halloween to access his various powers, and abilities.
David Pumpkins

The Mainstream Media Explanation For The Origin Of David Pumpkins


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