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Backwoods Hillbilly Moonshine Zombie

You, and your paranormal commando team venture forth into the deep woods after encountering Old Man Clampett in a horrifying Zombie form attempting to attack the local townsfolk.  Naturally he had to be put down for everyone’s protection.  You near … Continue reading

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Detail Your Car Or SUV For The Zombie Apocalypse

The Zombie Apocalypse can be a horrifying thing to live through. However there’s no reason not to inject some humor into it, and make life at least a bit bearable. One way to accomplish this is to detail your vehicle … Continue reading

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The Zombie Energy Drink Of Creepy Champions

During the long grueling night of dealing with gruesomely ghoulish trick-o-treaters how ever will you stay awake until the witching hour heralds Hallowmas aka All Saint’s Day?  In order to deal with the ultimate night of the sinister supernatural you’ll … Continue reading

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Waterlogged: Six Tales of the Aquatic Undead

Have A Desire For The Dark Depths Of Horror? Then Dive Daringly Into The Wayward World Of Waterlogged! Six Short Supernatural Stories Of The Unimaginable Undersea Undead! Imagine Swimming Serenely In A Beautiful Body Of Water Yet Your Mind Meanders To The … Continue reading

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