The Frightening Frozen Zombie

Frozen Zombie Box Pop Up Prop

You, and your friends found yourself on a camping trip into the deep woods. Little did you know a US Paranormal Defense Agency transport truck had been shipping sensitive materials from a now closed underground base in said woods.  One special container fell to the foggy forest floor unknown to the soldiers on board. You, and your merry band of nocturnal trekkers explore the woods in the light of the full Moon. Thankfully no Werewolves are afoot! Yet something most sinister lurks in your path. You happen upon a high tech looking box emitting an eerie blue light. As your curious team strolls closer crimson lights flare in unison with a spine chilling alarm.  You all bolt at first but then the sounds stop. You return, and the crazy commotion starts again. Clearly the container is motion activated.

After you calm down, and discuss what this thing could be you move in closer to inspect this futuristic looking object. There’s a small window where the azure light illuminates from but it appears to have frost on the inside. Indeed it is cold to the touch. After getting acclimated to the alarm you gain enough courage to begin pressing buttons on the box. A whooshing sound sends frigid air blasting on your faces. Air ripe with the stench of death itself! A freaky fog flows out of the blue glow. With the stench dissipating you all move in closer to see what’s inside. Suddenly an otherworldly growl causes your hearts to skip several beats as a monstrous Zombie out lurches at you!

The half frozen freak takes a bloody bite out of your friends jugular, and forcibly grabs another. Their both dead instantly! You, and your other friend run screaming in terror. After several minutes you collapse exhausted contemplating the horror you just witnessed. Bad idea leaving the smart phones back at camp!  You slowly get up to make it back there but your two other supposedly dead friends appear in front of you. Their sickly pale faces say not a word as they blankly stare at you now members of the living dead. They move toward you, and your other friend cries out in agony as the box zombie bites into their shoulder. You find yourself knocked to the ground by your two friends who end up devouring you like the zombies they have become!

Ultimately the original zombie, and your two Walking Dead friends are the only survivors. They stagger through the woods into the daylight hours eating every animal in sight.  As they make it to a roadway they are blasted away by machine gun fire. The US Paranormal Defense Agency has rectified their foolish mistake.  The clean up all evidence, and take extra measures to prevent their paranormal experiments from escaping in the future!

You can own this horrifying infrared sensor activated box for your Halloween haunted house, and the scary delight of Trick-O-Treaters.  Go Here to get your Animated Frozen Zombie Pop Up Box Prop known as the Cryo Chamber Corpse Animatronic.

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