The Sinister Scarecrow Of Haunted Loomis Farms

 The Legendary Loomis Farms Falls Prey To The Great Depression Somewhere in Pennsylvania Dutch Country a farm and its cornfield sit abandoned for many decades now. Nobody will buy the property and mostly only foolish teenagers venture on the property only to face foolish dares! The deserted Loomis Farms was once a proud profitable farm … Read moreThe Sinister Scarecrow Of Haunted Loomis Farms

Freddy Krueger Will Invade Your Nightmares!

Yep, it’s a real shocker! Indeed Freddy Krueger is a real paranormal entity which means the Nightmare On Elm Street movie franchise is based on a true story. Often the entertainment community is nice enough to inform us of the secret supernatural world. A wayward world hidden from us by over-protective governments who worry of widespread … Read moreFreddy Krueger Will Invade Your Nightmares!

Malevolent Mirror Madness

 A young woman finds herself alone in a deserted store shopping for clothing. Plausibly, the one employee on duty is taking a bathroom break. Unfortunately, the woman can’t find a changing room nearby and ends up locating one beyond a door with a sign that says, “Caution! This Area Closed Off!” She ignores it … Read moreMalevolent Mirror Madness

The Haunted Legend Of Aisle 13

It was the Witching Hour of Halloween when a serial killer wielding an extra-large meat cleaver entered a 24-7 department store. The deranged individual then eradicated two 3rd shift employees stocking shelves in Aisle 13! Interestingly enough Aisle 13 was for seasonal items. In this case, it was being stocked with the last of the … Read moreThe Haunted Legend Of Aisle 13

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