Harrowing Halloween Haunted House Hazards

On Halloween morning, within the wayward Witching Hour, the supernatural team at Mystic Investigations was met with hellish havoc.  We faced two evil vampires and their minions that also included werewolves and zombies.  Their plans included initiating a vampire apocalypse.  We also met a real living Goddess as well on one of the most dangerously … Read moreHarrowing Halloween Haunted House Hazards

Good Vampire Cop Patrols The City By Night

 “Touch The Night” from the vampire cop TV series “Forever Knight” is a very fitting song for the most powerful creatures of the night in that particular Universe. Some have been known to become police officers to redeem themselves for past sins. Unfortunately, more often than not, they’ll take up various careers just to … Read moreGood Vampire Cop Patrols The City By Night

The Mad Macabre Maestro

The Maestro and Little Daisy were a musical favorite among the upper class of the late 1800’s Europe. Daisy was a young orphan girl with the voice of an angel who danced on carefree clouds. The talented pianist Evan Dascălu, aka The Maestro, took her under his envious wing and acted as her Guardian. He … Read moreThe Mad Macabre Maestro

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