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Good Vampire Cop Patrols The City By Night

“Touch The Night” from the vampire cop TV series “Forever Knight” is a very fitting song for the most powerful creatures of the night in that particular Universe. Some have been known to become police officers to redeem themselves for … Continue reading

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The Mad Macabre Maestro

The Maestro and Little Daisy were a musical favorite among the upper class of the late 1800’s Europe. Daisy was a young orphan girl with the voice of an angel who danced on carefree clouds. The talented pianist Evan Dascălu, … Continue reading

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Unaired Buffy The Vampire Slayer Pilot

The original 1996 pilot used to pitch the series Buffy The Vampire Slayer to the network before they made the actual pilot that aired on television. Watch All Seven Seasons Online…

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Angry Vampire Out For Vengeance

A gang of punks who took out a human who happens to be the friend of a vampire get more than they bargain for! When a vampire walks into a bar not even guns will be of much use! Best … Continue reading

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