🎃 Halloween Monsters Invade The Shark Tank

The video above is from the Shark Tank television show that airs on the ABC network within this Universe. However, in a Parallel Universe what appears to be a Shark Tank deal in the entertainment industry turns out to be all too real! A woman makes a business pitch for her reality immersive horror attraction experience. The nervous laughter among the Investor Sharks is much more intense in the alternative reality as they subconsciously sense danger is afoot. Unfortunately, she isn’t what she seems. The entrepreneur is a Dark Witch with magical control over various sinister supernatural beings. All her supposed actors in prosthetics and make-up are real paranormal entities of evil intent! The wayward witch is interested in making money but she also wants to sacrifice some who visit her Halloween horror amusements to the demon she worships. All to gain ever-growing paranormal power.

A Battle Of Terrifying Titans!

The Witch hopes to acquire a diabolical deal with a Venture Capitalist Shark. In our reality, the normal human woman got a deal with the Billionaire Mark Cuban. However, in that alternate realm, Cuban sensed something wasn’t quite right and didn’t offer her anything. In fact, every Shark turned her down. She had hoped to grow her horror attractions to a massive scale to lure in an exponential amount of innocent souls. With her dark dreams dashed the wicked witch sent paranormal pandemonium against everyone within the Shark Tank studios! Kevin O’Leary, aka Mr. Wonderful, is the first to spring into action because he’s actually a non-demonic variety vampire known as a Godpyre. He directly took on the witch utilizing his enhanced strength, speed, and agility while also calling upon his patron deities for help. They were the Greek God Of Wine known as Dionysus and Lakshmi, the Hindu Goddess Of Wealth.

The Frightening Finale

Meanwhile, Mark Cuban whipped out a mystical gold dagger he acquired in the Middle East. With it, he fought the zombie as Daymond John dealt with the chainsaw murderer utilizing his chair as a defense tool. Lori Greiner repelled an attack from the hay monster utilizing her infamous Scrub Daddy cleaning pads [Ad]. She used them to shred the hay away. Robert Herjavec engaged the demon jester with a high-tech taser he designed. It worked with metaphysical energy and was very effective in incapacitating the blasphemous beast! All hell was breaking loose in the television studio as security guards flocked in to aid the Sharks in their valiant battle.

In the end, the patron gods answered Mr. Wonderful’s call and he shot what appeared to be crimson and gold force lightning out of his hands taking down the powerful witch. Cuban eradicated the Zombie and Herjavec had the demon under temporary control. The Vampire O’Leary stepped in to finish the job. Within a minute all the threats were neutralized with no injuries among the Sharks. After an hour the bodies were buried in holy ground, the studio was cleaned, and the incident was covered up. They left off with filming the episode and edited the horror pitch to look like a simple rejection. The general public was none the wiser.🎃

Full Shark Tank Horror Show Investment Pitch