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Harrowing Halloween Haunted House Hazards

On Halloween morning, within the wayward Witching Hour, the supernatural team at Mystic Investigations was met with hellish havoc.  We faced two evil vampires, and their minions that also included werewolves, and zombies.  Their plans included initiating a vampire apocalypse.  … Continue reading

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Haunted Werewolf Rug

I know what you’re thinking about this horrifying Werewolf Rug brought to you courtesy of brave Werewolf Hunters!  What an atrocity to skin a Werewolf when it’s a human being during the day along with most nights of the month. … Continue reading

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Harrowing Harvest Moon Werewolves

The sinister September Harvest Moon is upon us! In the blissfully ignorant human world it is seen as a serene celestial event that grants us a large low lying Moon which is sometimes a shade of amber or orange. Often … Continue reading

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Supermarket Werewolf

 The video above chronicles a group of people trapped in a supermarket late at night with a ferocious Werewolf. It does it in the Spirit Of Halloween where the terror is lessened with a bit of comedy. In reality … Continue reading

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