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Alluring Autumn Adirondack Wilderness Walk

The Allure Of Adirondack Autumn Can Give Way To A Titanic Terror! A beautiful high quality video of the awesome Autumn of Upstate New York’s Adirondack Mountains.  On a supernatural note the Adirondack’s are home to the alarming Adirondack Abomination.  … Continue reading

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You’ve Been Kidnapped By A Deranged Loon!

Chloroformed from behind you black out, and awaken in this room somewhat groggy lying on a physician’s exam table. As you sit up a man in an insane mask suddenly enters the room claiming he’s there to administer some manner of … Continue reading

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Haunted Native American Corn Maze Of Hell!

Chilling Corn Mazes as seen in the video above are becoming as common as the quintessential Halloween Haunted House.  As with all attempts to re-create hellish horrors in a safe frighteningly fun environment there runs the risk of malicious metaphysical … Continue reading

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Urban Vampire Prank

The video above is a guy disguised as a vampire for the purpose of scaring people in a city at night! Realistically if a Vampire actually did this he’d have to be nuts because he’d attract the attention of Vampire Slayers, … Continue reading

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