The Love Goddess Ritual

The woman in the video above conducts what appears to be a soothing relaxation ritual that is secretly calling upon various Love Goddesses.  The woman in question is actually a good witch, and the video itself is sensuously supernatural.  Its paranormal properties exude metaphysical love, and may take a bit of your very immortal soul … Read moreThe Love Goddess Ritual

The Good Witch Maria Helps Out A Paranormal Traveler

 The Good Witch Maria is the paranormal protector of the Enchanted Forest. You’re a supernatural slayer on the trail of a malevolent monster. Unfortunately, you didn’t realize that the monster is merely the puppet of a wicked witch darkly deep into the black magics! The dark witch specializes in absorbing the energy and powers … Read moreThe Good Witch Maria Helps Out A Paranormal Traveler

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