The Plague Doctor Fright Prank

Many are not aware of the paranormal Plague Doctor, and the risk he poses in spreading disease, and mayhem across our planet. He was born of medieval Plague Doctors who worked to stop the spread of pandemics. Their distinctive suits included a creepy bird’s beak mask that meant death was near and therefore they induced … Read moreThe Plague Doctor Fright Prank

The Bubonic Black Plague Of Death Personified

The notorious Black Death that ravaged 14th-century Europe was a supernatural biological warfare experiment.  A horror perpetrated by none other than the master of death & disease The Plague Doctor!  Paranormal records now indicate that he named the Black Plague Mortimer as it was his pet project.  Indeed, he sees bacteria and viruses as his … Read moreThe Bubonic Black Plague Of Death Personified

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