The Love Goddess Ritual

The woman in the video above conducts what appears to be a soothing relaxation ritual that is secretly calling upon various Love Goddesses.  The woman in question is actually a good witch, and the video itself is sensuously supernatural.  Its paranormal properties exude metaphysical love, and may take a bit of your very immortal soul … Read moreThe Love Goddess Ritual

You’ve Been Kidnapped By A Deranged Loon!

Chloroformed from behind you black out, and awaken in this room somewhat groggy lying on a physician’s exam table. As you sit up a man in an insane mask suddenly enters the room claiming he’s there to administer some manner of ASMR test.  You comply with his odd behaviour hoping his mild lunacy won’t flare into … Read moreYou’ve Been Kidnapped By A Deranged Loon!

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