Halloween Autumn Farms Village

In a remote rural area of Kentucky in the late 1800’s, a group of like-minded individuals from Salem, MA built a collective farm. They came together as a small self-reliant village that wanted to remain in harmony with nature. This included peaceful relations with local Native American tribes. It’s said that some or all were … Read moreHalloween Autumn Farms Village

Halloween’s Haunted Native American Corn Maze Of Hell!

Chilling Corn Mazes as seen in the videos at the end of this story are becoming as common as the quintessential Halloween Haunted House.  As with all attempts to re-create hellish horrors in a safe frighteningly fun environment there runs the risk of malicious metaphysical forces ironically interloping. There are even humans with malevolent machinations … Read moreHalloween’s Haunted Native American Corn Maze Of Hell!