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Jason Voorhees Friday The 13th Pond Prank

A prankster dressed as the infamous zombified demidemon Jason Voorhees dons scuba gear to ascend from the cold murky depths of a pond. Naturally the result are some fairly frightened individuals. Fear not for it is rare that Jason would … Continue reading

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Zany Zombie Antics

Let the supernatural laughs fly free! It’s as easy as putting on some gruesome zombie make-up, and running after people growling like a mad man! If this was real then this type of fast moving zombie would be the product … Continue reading

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SNL Martha Stewart Halloween

In an alternate reality Martha Stewart speaks of the time honored tradition of classic Halloween pranks. The epic toilet papering of yards, and enchanted egging of homes not celebrating Halloween. Then there’s the flaming bag of dog poop on the … Continue reading

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The Five Nights At Freddys Drive Thru Restaurant Prank

Five Nights At Freddy’s is a video game series about a kids pizza restaurant like Chuck E Cheeses. However the animatronic puppets are possessed by spirits who enjoying jump scaring people and killing them as well. The video above is … Continue reading

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