Realistic Slender Man Prank Or Is It Really Him?

 Supposedly the man in this video is dressed in an impressive accurately large Slender Man mask, and suit. Perhaps it’s really the notoriously evil Slender Man himself? Recent paranormal intelligence indicates that the Slender Man Assassin may have shot Slender Man with some type of chemical weapon that temporarily altered his brain chemistry. This … Read moreRealistic Slender Man Prank Or Is It Really Him?

The Plague Doctor Fright Prank

Many are not aware of the paranormal Plague Doctor, and the risk he poses in spreading disease, and mayhem across our planet. He was born of medieval Plague Doctors who worked to stop the spread of pandemics. Their distinctive suits included a creepy bird’s beak mask that meant death was near and therefore they induced … Read moreThe Plague Doctor Fright Prank

Haunted Halloween Hallway Of Horror

It all seemed like innocent spooky fun as Halloween approached. A Halloween hallway of half-hearted horrors amid a classic haunted house. Unfortunately, at some point, the costumed innocents doling out the funny frights were taken down with macabre malice! All out of view of anyone who could warn others and call for help! Their replacements … Read moreHaunted Halloween Hallway Of Horror

SNL Martha Stewart Halloween

The Halloween Prankster Stewart In an alternate reality, Martha Stewart speaks of the time honored tradition of classic Halloween pranks. The epic toilet papering of yards, and enchanted egging of homes not celebrating Halloween. Then there’s the flaming bag of dog poop on the front porch reserved for only the most hated of All Hallows Eve … Read moreSNL Martha Stewart Halloween

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