Trains: The Soothing Sound Of Modern Times

 The sometimes soothing sounds of trains in the distance signal you’re living in the modern age of human civilization. Within Great Britain of 1804, the first steam train whistle whaled onward into the dark cold night heralding the dawn of the Industrial Revolution. As smoke stacks rose and electricity illuminated the dark shadows, the … Read moreTrains: The Soothing Sound Of Modern Times

Alluring Autumn Adirondack Wilderness Walk

The Allure Of Adirondack Autumn Can Give Way To A Titanic Terror! A beautiful high-quality video of the awesome Autumn of Upstate New York’s Adirondack Mountains.  A kaleidoscope of fantastical flora paints the landscape amid serene lakes and babbling brooks! On a supernatural note, the Adirondack’s are home to the alarming Adirondack Abomination.  A one … Read moreAlluring Autumn Adirondack Wilderness Walk