Mystical Crystals & Gemstones

Mystical Crystals, and Stones to aid in physical as well as metaphysical healing, chakra energizing, magical protections, spells, and more!  Introduction To Gemstones.


Angel Phantom Quartz – Protective stone tapping into your Guardian Angel’s higher dimensional energy along with the Universal energy of love.  Aid in lucid dreaming, astral projection, inter & higher dimensional travel, and communication with your various higher dimensional selves in the many Afterlives you currently exist in.


Blue Lace Agate Stone – Helps with anxiety, stress relief, calming, and, meditation,.  Throat & Crown Chakra healing for effective communication.


Christmas Crystal – Supernatural North Pole City power source that channels the Spirit Of Christmas. [One Of A Kind]


Fulgurite – Often used in battling lightning based Gods and those with electrokinetic powers.


Gaia Crystals – The enchanted energies of the first shooting star of any given night not wished upon will transform into metaphysical matter crystals.

God Crystals – Enchanted error by a higher dimensional God causes metaphysical energy to manifest as meta matter.


Protective Stones & Crystals

Learn About Other Gemstones Along With Dream Interpretation And The Mystical Meaning Of Animals…

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