What Does Santa Claus Do In The Summer?

In the summer heat of July the last thing on our minds is the joy of brisk snowy Christmas.  However the term Christmas in July was started by Santa Claus who begins his preparations for the Christmas season.  Before that in the month of June the Claus Family generally takes a Summer vacation. Once well rested he, and his Elves are busy judging children around the world to determine if they’re in fact naughty or nice.  This is not a literal judging of the soul which is left only to the God of the Omniverse. Rather it’s a literal observation of how the child behaves during the Summer, and into the school month of September.  This short window is crucial to whether or not your child will get a gift or a lump of coal in his stocking from Santa.  So be sure to encourage your kid to be on his, or her best behavior!  By October, the heart of Halloween, the final Naughty Or Nice List is compiled. Then the toys begin the magical manufacturing process after the Summer design, and planning sessions. Of course all the toys are ready to be paranormally packed onto Santa’s sleigh for the Christmas Eve December 24th global delivery.

During the Summer Santa, and his Elves also continue their worldwide charity work, and fighting the forces of evil around the world.  Santa is seen as the leader of good on Earth, and he takes that title seriously.  Whether it’s taking down a punk robbing a 7-11 or a coven of wicked witches hell bent on global domination!  Nobody is a match for a demi-archangel like Saint Nicholas.  Naturally he doesn’t wear the Santa suit, and tries to keep a low profile when taking down nefarious individuals.  In addition he always tries to reason with those who have fallen to the dark side before resorting to harsher means for the greater good of humankind!

As with our other articles about Santa we’d like to thank our inside Elf source for this valuable, and interesting information about our beloved Father Christmas!

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