Santa, Frosty, And Rudolph Face Off With An Abominable Snowman!

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It was a Happy December 1st Day when Santa Claus decided to take his flying sleigh on a rudimentary test run after a mystical tune-up. Only Rudolph was pulling it since there was no cargo and the only passengers were Santa and Frosty The Snowman. Somewhere over Canada Santa could hear frightful screams coming from below. They landed in a snowy field to investigate. Santa and Frosty ran toward the sounds of terror while Rudolph had an annoyed look on his face as he was forced to unhitch himself from the sleigh. The red-nosed reindeer ran after his friends. As he trotted up, he found Frosty hiding behind some trees. In the distance, Santa was consoling a seriously scared young man and woman. The couple claimed a giant white monster had chased them away from their mission of randomly creating Christmas trees in the wild wilderness so as to bolster The Spirit Of Christmas. The crafty couple even utilized mini solar panels to light up trees.

Despite not being members of the supernatural community the couple’s faith in Christmas was strong. Santa decided to reveal himself as the real deal rather than some random guy hiking about in a Santa suit. The man and woman looked on in amazement as Father Christmas’s eyes glowed light blue while making white glittering snowflakes come from his hands. As he made this supernatural display he said, “Ah yes, it’s all real my children.” That’s when Frosty and Rudolph stepped forward. The couple was shocked at first as the fear of the monster faded and tears of joy ran down their cheeks. They all had a group hug before Santa gave them some golden tickets with glittering red and green trim. They were mystical invitations to North Pole City for Christmas Day. The tickets would actually use magic to lead them safely into the Arctic to Santa’s winter wonderland. He then urged them to continue their good work in a certain direction leading away from some tracks Santa spotted. Everyone waved goodbye and Santa revealed to Frosty and Rudolph that they were witnessing the terrifying tracks of an Abominable Snowman. A Yeti now stalking the holy trio!

As the terrific trio tracked the terrifying titan Rudolph suddenly blurted out, “The big bastard is leading us in circles.” Santa quickly scolded Rudolph, “Language Rudolph!” Rudolph apologized as Frosty chuckled. Santa then declared, “Indeed the blasphemous beast is attempting to lead us into a tricky trap.” Frosty then noted the size of the footprints indicated a 10-foot tall Yeti rather than the standard 9-foot specimen. Santa commended Frosty on his supernatural sleuthing and added it was a rare Uber Yeti that was most likely magically modified for greater terror by someone deep into demonic-level witchcraft! Rudolph then stuttered, “Oh c-c-crap!” Santa gave him a disapproving just as the mad monster leaped from behind a lit Christmas tree nearby!

The Alarming Attack Of The Abominable Snowman!

With an ear-shattering roar, Santa was caught off guard and launched several hundreds of yards well over the tree line at the end of the field. Rudolph then screeched, and said, “Oh sweet fancy Moses Jesus H Christ God Lord in Heaven Amen!” He ran away as fast as his four hooves could carry him as he was literally too scared to fly! He ended up tripping over his own legs and fell face-first into the snowy field. The gigantic Abominable Snowman took a swipe at Frosty’s chest dislodging a huge chunk of the glittering holy snow he was made off. However, it instantly filled back in as if nothing had happened. The angry growling Yeti kept swinging at Frosty but the jolly snowman just giggled. He then whirled around quickly so the beast couldn’t even touch him! Frost proceeded to twirl about so fast that he disassembled into a white whipping snow tornado that encapsulated the confused Yeti. Despite the monster relishing blizzards, this mini storm was quite violent causing deep disorientation in the giant furry menace. Frosty’s top hat, corncob pipe, coal eyes, gumdrop nose, and licorice lips flew away landing on Rudolph. It made the reindeer scream for some reason.[sta_anchor id=”np” /]

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Frosty The Snowman vs The Abominable Snowman

Soon enough the Abominable Snowman was encased in deep packed snow with an icy shell as the commotion fell silent. Rudolph got up and cautiously trotted over to the 10-foot-tall snow pillar. He stood in silence for a second before a guttural growl preceded the snowpack flying apart to reveal an alarmingly angry abominable snowman! Rudolph had terror in his enchanted eyes as he yelled, “Oh fuuuuuuuuuuuu…” Santa flew in from the skies above via his own Angelic powers and loudly scolded, “Rudolph!” It looked like Santa was about to save the day when a wayward warlock flew in from a mountain ridge tackling Saint Nicholas. They both crashed into the snowy field and were about to begin an epic battle of magic and brawn!

Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer vs The Yeti

Rudolph’s heart sank as he realized he was now on his own. The Yeti lunged at him causing poor Rudolph to let out a high-pitched scream. This made the horrifying monster even angrier. He got hold of Rudolph’s antlers and snapped off a branch. Rudolph then appeared to grow angry himself as he screamed, “Oh no you didn’t!” His red nose glowed beyond bright and shot forth a concentrated crimson beam of light that actually burnt some fur off the Yeti. He let out an otherworldly cry of pain that could be heard miles further than his normal growls. Before the hairy horror could attack, Rudolph levitated off the ground and shot at the monster in the blink of an eye. His rear slammed into the hard ground through the layer of snow as Rudolph stomped on him at super speed. The alarming abomination literally couldn’t get up under the barrage of four wildly flying hooves. After a minute the beast moaned as he squirmed around. He slowly began to rise and that’s when the brave reindeer shot another crimson flare from his red nose. The Yeti was knocked out cold in the snow! Rudolph happily exclaimed, ‘Take that you big son of a…” Rudolph cautiously looked around for Santa and finished an alternative sentence, “You big meanie!”

The Wayward Warlock Attacks Santa Claus!

Meanwhile, in an adjacent field, Santa Claus and the Warlock Carlsbad had words. The Warlock exclaimed, “You shouldn’t have interfered with my Yeti’s need to feed on pathetic humans. I still can’t believe Santa Claus is real! I heard rumors about you and the Anti-Claus but I assumed it was just some silly folklore.” Santa replied, “It is true I am Saint Nicholas a Demi-Angel of the Heavenly Lord. Now is the time to repent and shy away from your wicked ways my son.” The Warlock laughed maniacally, “Are you serious? I’m on the fast track to demonhood. Delivering you to the Devil will make me more powerful than you could ever hope to be old man! Prepare to meet your maker!” Santa responded, “So be it!” Carlsbad shot volleys of perplexing purple plasma at Father Christmas. He wasn’t expecting such a uniquely powerful energy and was forcibly thrown several feet before hitting the ground. The powerful Warlock levitated toward Santa with violent violet-illuminated eyes. Santa thrust to his feet and jumped into the air at lightning speed while delivering an immense super punch to the dark magician.[sta_anchor id=”end” /]

Carlsbad hit the ground hard with a brief look of shock before smiling and saying, “You drew blood! You’ll pay for that dearly Nicky!” They briefly engaged in hand-to-hand combat as this was now personal to Carlsbad. Even with the demonic energy flowing through his body he was no match for a Demi-Angel. He quickly reverted back to his malevolent magic but this time his purple plasma merely bounced off a force field Santa formed around him by channeling the Spirit Of Christmas. The frustrated Warlock had never been beaten in his life and he screamed loudly as he began to recite an incantation, “Oh sainted Satan I call upon thee to grant me the power to defeat this abomination to our holy Hell…” Before he could say anymore Santa launched a large ray of white light gleaming with glittering snowflakes. The holy light was like Kryptonite to the Warlock. He fell to the ground weak and drained of his evil energy. Santa continued to shoot his benevolent beam into the magician as he recited his own incantation, “Holy Angels of Heaven cleanse this misguided man of his demons!” Santa then reached down and ripped a purple amulet off his neck. Clearly, it was a key component of his power and ability to channel demonic energy. Carlsbad screamed, “Noooooooo!” After a few minutes, Carlsbad was indeed cleansed holy, and now merely human.

Santa strolled away while saying, “Rejoice for you have been purified and may start anew on a righteous journey. Merry Christmas my son.” Carlsbad bellowed, “You think this is over old man! No! No, I won’t go back to being helpless. Nooooo!” Carlsbad began sobbing as his humanity slowly returned and the dark world of the sinister supernatural began fading like a distant nightmare. He remembered his traumatic childhood where things went south very quickly and he turned to the dark side to cope with it. Now the hurt in his heart was fading with the evil as The Spirit Of Christmas flowed through his very soul. He stopped crying and began walking away smiling as he forgot everything including Santa. However, the Great Claus would live on in his subconscious memory.

Santa found Rudolph who was sad that Frosty was seemingly dead while simultaneously being proud he defeated the Abominable Snowman on his own. Santa consoled him and as he patted his head with a glowing white hand Rudolph’s broken antler began growing back. Santa then said, “Fear not for Frosty is beyond immortal. He is amortal and will never perish upon this holy Earth” Santa picked up Frosty’s top hat and dusted the snow off while tossing it forth and shooting a white beam of holy light from his hands. A whirlwind of snow flew about as Frosty reformed into his former snowman glory. Upon reanimation, he declared, “Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas!” Santa inspected the dormant Yeti and congratulated Rudolph on conquering his fear and doing what needed to be done for the safety of all. Santa grabbed one leg of the behemoth and dragged it back to the sleigh. He managed to force him into a four-dimensional compartment that allowed them to transport anything of any size far greater than the sleigh itself. The triumphant trio flew away and as they passed the couple they helped below everyone waved. Santa then bellowed happily, “Merry Christmas to all and to all a good day!🎅⛄️🦌


Later that day back at North Pole City the Yeti awoke in an ice cage deep in a cavern. He raged against the ice bars but even a big beast such as himself would never stand a chance at escape. The bars were created by none other than the God Of Winter Jack Frost. Not to mention the Enochian Angel enchantment upon them. The primitive mind of the mad monster roared louder as a fellow Abominable Snowman approached with Santa Claus. He was virtually the only righteous Yeti on Earth along with being quite intelligent and capable of speech. He’s in charge of guarding the very power source of North Pole City known as the Christmas Crystal. He just shook his head at the mindless Snowman while observing, “I can’t believe I used to be like this! I’m beyond embarrassed!” Santa replied, “You’ve come a long way and should be proud of your accomplishments. Indeed, it took time to purify your heart and magnify your mind. That is why I give you this titanic task as I trust you, my son. Make this abomination like you.” He assured Santa he’d give it everything he had for Father Christmas.

Santa Claus vs The Abominable Snowman

Once the good Yeti left the caged Snowman calmed a bit and went into a dark corner. That’s when Santa entered the cage and locked the door behind him. He rolled up his red velvet sleeves and then said, “I know you can understand me. The first step in your journey to redemption and human sentience is to vent your animal anger upon me. As a man of peace, this pains me but I know this is what needs to be done for your own good. Forgive me for what is about to transpire.” The abomination roared at Santa with a furious rage intent on eating him for dinner! Within a few minutes, the Yeti lie bruised and bloody on the floor as Santa suffered not a scratch. So, it seems that Santa’s brute strength was more than a match for the alarming Abominable Snowman who now had fear in its defeated eyes. Now finally realizing it’s not the apex predator in this neck of the Christmas woods! Saint Nicholas knelt down next to the docile predator and used his Angelic power to heal the Yeti. As Santa left the cage the less savage Snowman let out a grunt that almost sounded like “Thank You”. Father Christmas nodded and smiled before he left. Afterward, Santa went to Alvin’s Ice Cream Shoppe to have some scrumptious peppermint ice cream with Frosty, Rudolph, and Gebert The Elf. The End!🎄