The Supernatural Story Of Saint Valentines Day

The story of Saint Valentine’s Day begins in the metaphysical mind of the Omniverse God in which we all exist. Upon his ascension to Godhood, various concepts and thoughts spontaneously manifested into sapient beings springing forth from his sub-consciousness mind. These are known as Omniverse Personifiers. One of them was Love. Almost immediately Hate was … Read more

Valentine’s Day Cupid Summoning Spell

If you find yourself in dire straits at the mercy of a Dark Cupid, aka Anti-Love Demon, then summoning a Heavenly Cupid may be your only option. Utilize the spell below to save your Saint Valentine’s Day from horrifying hatred, or agonizing apathy! In the name of Saint Valentine I call upon the Cupid of Love, Your … Read more

The Supernatural Stench In Paris!

We were in attendance at the First International Para-Con (Paranormal Investigators Conference) in Paris, France from February 14th through the 21st of 2014. Valentine’s Day was quite pleasant as we aided Fallen Cupid Angel in a mission to bring two soul mates together. He had displeased the Archangel hierarchy one too many times and was … Read more