What’s The Supernatural Witness Protection Program?

In the human world, there are Witness Protection Programs around the globe, including the famous US Version, meant to shield criminal informants from harm. Those who wish to testify against nefarious individuals and organizations without worry of being killed. This protection also extends to their family so they can’t be used as blackmail leverage to prevent informing the government of criminal enterprises. Witness Protection often involves moving to a far away location with a completely new identity created for all concerned. Sometimes they may employ rudimentary disguises like adding glasses, facial hair, or altering hairstyle and coloring.

In the secret supernatural world, there are similar private programs since there is no central paranormal government. The closest thing is Santa Claus’s North Pole City Witness Protection. More or less one seeks aid from a secret supernatural haven, paranormal organizations, or even magic schools around the world. They give said organization data on the forces of darkness they were once apart of or bear witness to a crime of a supernatural sort. The paranormal professionals or practitioner of magic then takes action to dissolve the criminal conspiracy with extreme prejudice! Depending on the situation they may provide temporary refuge in a safe house or the building that houses their paranormal crime-fighting group. Mystic Investigations has a secluded safe house and living facilities hidden at our headquarters.

If the entire criminal syndicate can’t be extinguished then a new identity is created via government contacts who know about the reality of the paranormal community. If such contacts aren’t available or can’t be trusted then new identities can be created for witnesses. This can be done via computer generated ID in combination with hacking government databases to plant the proper data. Top flight witches, wizards, and sorcerers can create ID forgeries that are spelled to always be seen as real even when checked out in various databases. The lower level supernatural groups may simply use forged ID’s that run the risk of being pegged as fakes! If there is an extra special danger then a Practitioner Of Magic may induce a Glamouring Spell to change the person’s entire appearance! Even to the point of being cloaked from other magicians and psychics as well.

With all this being said there is a witness protection program within the US Paranormal Defense Agency but it is unrelated to the real world version and there is a nasty habit of people disappearing permanently in a bad way! Once they get the intel they want they could really care less what happens to the informant! That is unless they have some paranormal power that can be utilized by the government. We don’t often recommend having contact with the US PDA as they are an off the books black ops organization that tends to follow their own savage laws! If you’ve witnessed a supernatural crime or have information related to denizens of darkness then contact Mystic Investigations or your nearest paranormal professional to begin the process of shutting down their illegal affairs!

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