The Mystic Investigations Safe House


The Mystic Investigations Safe House is a charming two-story cottage within the Enchanted Woodland. It’s built on the shore of a large pond that empties into a stream that connects with Luminary Lake. Within the magical woodland, the quaint home is at an undisclosed location that lies somewhere within the perpetual summer woods. It’s utilized by our company as a safe house for clients and those in need. Whether they’re hiding from filthy fiends or their home is haunted, we here at Mystic Investigations provide lodging at no extra charge. The house is also the first step for those entering the paranormal witness protection program.

The Enchanted Woodland is a haven for various supernatural beings on both sides of the aisle. Although it is inhabited by more beings of the light such as Nymphs, Fairies, Elves, etc. The grounds of the cottage were blessed by a coven of white witches along with our associate Father Tom Davis. The cottage itself is also enchanted with a protection spell courtesy of our witch Rebecca Abernathy. That’s three layers of protection so clients can rest assured they will get a well-deserved good night’s sleep along with enjoying the warm summertime woods all year round. There’s also a swimming pool out back.

In August 2010 our associate Drake Alexander was staying there while his Manor was being remodeled. A client also sought refuge there when a poltergeist infested her house. See:

Peaceful Nights At The Safe House

Rainy Nights In The Cozy Cottage

Miami, Florida Apartment Safe House

Chicago Apartment Safe House

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