What Is Omnimagic?

magic-powersOmnimagic is the study, and utilization of all forms of magic possible across the entire spectrum of the Omniverse in which we live.  The basic level of Omnimagic involves knowledge of all magics within the Omniverse, and then calling upon one, or more, that may be best for specific situations.  Mastery of Omnimagic involves not only mastering all forms of magic but also knowing how to combine them into a complex unified collective of the most ultimate magic possible.  Ultimately the interface between our consciousness, and that of the pure though foundation of our Omniverse is the conduit for Omnimagical powers.  This also brings about the power to call upon the very Omniverse for nearly unlimited energy.

The Omniverse is the compete collection of all Multiverses, and the parallel Universes that they are composed of.  The culmination of all mathematical probabilities seen through to fruition within this particular Omniverse.  The Omniverse itself is in fact a God whose mind in which we all exist.  Almost all magic has it’s foundation in religion, aka praying to Gods for power, and guidance.  So Omnimagic is a product of Omnitheism, or belief in all religions, and higher dimensional entities. Omnimagic is about utilizing the powers of the Earthly Gods (Celtic, Greek, Roman, etc) to the Omniversal God.  It’s unknown if anyone has ever had success calling upon the Omniverse God for power but a rare few have called upon his Angels through Enochian Magic, and gained the help they desired.  Some higher forms of Enochian magic can lead to Hypermagic, or the mastery of all magics known within the Multiverse.  Complete Omnitheism requires not just practicing each individual religion but having the amazing intellect to detect the clues that link them all together leading to the Omniverse Lord.  It’s unknown if the Omniverse God advocates any religion on his behalf.

Very few practice Omnimagic due to the great difficulty in mastering it’s perplexing plethora of magics, and then attaining the ability to combine them all into one perfect power.  When perfected Omnimagicians, who are often Sorcerers, can be some of the most powerful practitioners of magic on Earth if not the entire Universe.  At the point of complete mastery they no longer need to call upon any Gods, or Goddesses to wield Omnimagic.  In fact Omnimagic mastery is the first stage of gaining an Omniverse Godhood of their own, and escaping this particular Omniverse.  Omnimagical powers inevitably leads to Omnikinetic power, or having all psychokinetic powers, which then leads to Omniscience (knowing everything in the Omniverse), and Omnipotence (unlimited power potential).  In essence a complete ascension to Godhood without death, or the extraordinary technological advancement of a civilization.  One cannot decide to simply delve into Omnimagic.  It’s the calling of a rare few.  A destiny of great godliness they feel luring them down a path to paradise.  A path they must choose to follow without question if they wish to achieve Godhood.

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