Happy January New Year’s Day!

January! The resolve of a fresh start in the hope of a New Year! Winter’s icy cold heart at its bleak peak in the spirit of Jack Frost.❄️ Still, the warm serenity of the Christmas Spirit clings tight to every crystal of snow and ice blanketing the bright white landscape.🎄 Evergreens endure the weight of winters weather encouraging the deceptively dead deciduous to hold tight until springs might restores their bare branches to green glory!🌲 Hope lies in the ever-increasing daylight slowly but surely driving the darkness closer to the Witching Hour!🌞 Happy New Year!🎉

By Xavier Remington | Mystic Poetry Portal |

The Birthstone Of January: Garnet

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Santa Claus Meets The Baby New Year 2020

Father Time, the Baby New Year of 2019, performs the annual ceremonial ritual of presenting the latest Baby New Year to Santa Claus at North Pole City.  On January 1, 2020, Santa, in his capacity as Saint Nicholas, blessed the child holy. A child that is literally an Angel from Heaven who volunteers to grow up on Earth for one year! Santa held the Baby New Year 2020 in his muscular arms as his wife, Holly Claus, looked on with joy in her eyes. She also gently held the angelic child and fed him a warm bottle of holy Unicorn milk. Santa’s children, Nick, Jr., and Mary were present as well.  All in attendance took turns holding the cuddly little ball of joy while Father Time & Father Christmas discussed various matters related to our paranormal planet.  All the while one of the worlds few immortal dogs, a Dalmatian named Sparky, frolicked about Claus Manor with tail wagging glee.🐶

After a brief lunch, the entire gang of goodness commanded a procession down Main Street inside Santa’s sleigh. The famous sleigh was moved aloft the snowy cobblestone road by two reindeer.  A crowd of Elves, Enchanted Reindeer, winter deities, and visiting supernatural dignitaries looked on at the spectacle. A full-scale parade took place that included elf made floats, marching penguins, and other animals as well. We also saw a variety of animated toys make their way down the road dancing with joy in their sapient hearts. All courtesy of the powerful Spirit Of Christmas! Later in the evening a fantastical fireworks show lit up the Arctic skies above the most magical place on Earth. Santa even thew in some custom created Northern Lights via his Demi-Angel magic. Amid the majestic extravaganza enchanted reindeer, Pegasus, white doves, various other birds, and even an ice dragon flew about the skies. Unicorns and Leprechauns sprung inexplicable nocturnal rainbows forth and rode them high in the starry skies! Sorry, Disney World but you come in second compared to the mystical North Pole City.🎇

After the supernatural show, The Clauses, Chief Elf, and some special guests then partook of a fabulous feast with the Angelic Father Time. The Baby New Year sat in a centuries-old wooden high chair next to Mother Nature and Old Woman Winter.  The Elves put on a play detailing the history of Christmas over the past 1000 years. Finally, they bid all farewell and disappeared into the night in a dazzling display of sparkling dust.✨

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The WestJet Christmas Miracle

Some lucky WestJet passengers interacted with a Santa clad in blue via video at one airport. There they conveyed what they wanted for Christmas. When they arrived at their destination airport the luggage carousel gave them the gifts they wished for! It certainly must have been fun for the WestJet employees who got to play Elf and gather all the presents! Interestingly enough, Santa Claus does don a blue suit for the annual Winter Solstice Yule Ceremony at North Pole City.

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Santa Claus And The Story Of Christmas

The Miraculous Journey From Saint Nicholas To Father Christmas
Santa Sleigh Ride

Christmas is the antithesis of Halloween and Dark Christmas. Just as the forces of evil look forward to these holidays so do the forces of good look forward to Christmas.  It is the one day of the year that the forces of truth, justice, and happiness marshal together to bring peace to humankind.  In the same way the forces of good combat the evil of Halloween by utilizing the magical innocence of children, so to does Christmas follow the same path via The Spirit Of Christmas.  The man who made Christmas what it is today is the most famous, and probably the most powerful Earthly supernatural being of all time known as Santa Claus. Of course even more powerful was the Demi-God Son of God known as Jesus Christ. His miraculous birth was the true birth of Christmas over 2000 years ago! In many ways, Santa Claus’s life shadows that of Jesus. This includes the supernatural birth, betrayal, death, and resurrection!🎄

The Angelic Birth Of Santa Claus

Santa Claus was born in the year 270 AD.  The exact day is shrouded in mystery, and perhaps in fact deliberately deleted from history by Angelic forces for Santa’s protection. However, non-paranormal historians suggest Santa was born on March 15.  He was born simply as Nicholas (no last names back then) in the Mediterranean seaside Greek community of Patara, Lycia which is in modern-day Turkey.  Santa himself is of Greek ancestry from a wealthy family.  His family later moved to Myra, Lycia where he became known as Nicholas of Myra.  His father was a relatively high ranking non-human origin Angel, named Sarandiel, who had been on Earth in biological form partaking of a holy mission when he fell in love with Nicholas’s mother, Marcia of Patara. Evidence indicates she was a descendant of Mary mother of Jesus Christ.  Generally unions between Angels and humans are forbidden but in this case, the Archangel hierarchy blessed the predestined union, and they got married.  Soon Marcia was pregnant and gave birth to twin sons.  Normally this would result in blasphemous Nephilim.  However, since this was a Heaven blessed union the resulting children were holy Demi-Angels.🎅 Read The Rest Of The Real Supernatural Santa Claus Story…

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