What Are The Various Types Of Apocalypses?

An Apocalypse is a global disaster that more or less ends the world as we know it.  Human civilization is virtually wiped out along with a great deal of humanity itself. This includes blatant death or transformation into some manner of supernatural creature. An Apocalypse is a forced descent back to the dark ages as we deal with the horrifying aftermath of any given apocalypse.  The grand daddy of Apocalypses is of course Armageddon which is the battle between higher dimensional supernatural forces over who will rule over the planet Earth, and its populace. Amid Armageddon one or more of the major apocalypses could transpire forming a truly nightmarish planet of darkness!  We’ve categorized End Of The World Scenarios as Supernatural, Non-Supernatural, and Future Apocalypses Currently Considered Science Fiction:

Supernatural Apocalypses

  • Alien Apocalypse – Extraterrestrial invasion forces lay waste to Earth! Then they either enslave or exterminate humankind as they plunder our planet’s natural resources! Just like the aforementioned robots they might very well cage us in zoos here on Earth, on their home planet, and around the galaxy.
  • Magical Apocalypse – A clandestine cabal of Sorcerers, Wizards, Warlocks, and Witches let loose their magic to the max around the world causing catastrophic calamity!
  • Monster Apocalypse – Any group of Monsters suddenly grows rapidly in numbers by various means, and proceeds to do what they do best. Terrorize, and kill humans while destroying massive amounts of property!
  • Zombie Apocalypse – The most famous of the supernatural apocalypses is almost synonymous with the word apocalypse. Second only to the Nuclear Apocalypse. The Zombie Virus is notorious for resurrecting the dead, and turning the living into Walking Dead who mindlessly cannibalize humans. They are in turn devoured completely or turned into zombies themselves.  Should a strain of the virus be strong enough to be transmitted with greater ease then this apocalypse could be a reality.  So far you must be bitten by a zombie or come into contact with nasty zombified fluids. Read The Rest Of The Amazing Apocalypse List On Our Main Website…
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