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Effects Of Various Types Of Blood On Vampires

Known or rumored results of vampires ingesting certain types of blood.  Generally the results last for only a matter of hours after ingestion.  Vampires not only consume blood as a fuel source but also to gain powers.

  • Animal Blood - Can maintain vampire strength but must be drank in larger quantities.  Also they won't be as strong as they would if they ingested human blood.

  • Adult Human Blood - Maintains vampire strength.  Adult human blood is the demon intended fuel for a vampires body.  Here's the blood types they prefer.  The best blood is drunk directly from living humans.  However refrigerated blood will do as well.  Some vampires prefer to rob blood banks or buy blood on the black market to satisfy their  needs.  Some even own blood banks tricking humans into giving their blood for the supposed good of medicine.

  • Superhuman Blood (Includes vampire slayers) - A vampire can live off superhuman blood, and gain more power than living off common human blood.

  • Child Human Blood -  The innocent magic, and pure of heart nature makes the blood of young children poisonous to vampires.  The younger the child the more poisonous the blood.  Babies blood would in fact kill most vampires.

  • Diseased Human Blood - The more serious the disease the less palatable the blood is.  However it will do in a pinch.  The worst tasting human blood usually comes from blood diseases, and cancer sufferers.  Sort of like a human being forced to drink toilet water during a water crisis.

  • Dead Human Blood - Within a few hours of death human blood becomes poisonous to vampires.  Unlike zombie blood they might not be able to tell they're drinking dead human blood if it's not that old.

  • Vampire Blood - A vampire ingesting the blood of another vampire creates a bond between them to the point of being able to read each others minds when nearby.  In addition they can find each other anywhere on Earth.  When a vampire brings another across this is where the eternal bond is forged.  Also if a lower vampire feeds of a more powerful vampires blood it gives them a temporary power boost.  If two vampires were trapped somewhere together they could last for a time feeding off each other blood.  However after a period of time they would begin to lose power, and begin to go mad.  However if one was a powerful vampire such as First Generation, and another very low down on the vampire food chain then they could subsist off each other for many years.  A vampire might drink his own blood if cut off from all blood supplies.  They can last for a short period of time this way however the blood will begin to turn poisonous and they will eventually go mad.

  • Demi-Demon Blood - Vampire becomes an unwilling slave of the demi-demon.  Large increase in power observed.

  • Anti-Christ Blood (Son of the most powerful ArchDemon) - Vampire becomes loyal minion of the Anti-Christ.  Amazing increase in power witnessed.  Eventual transformation into a demon.

  • Gnome Blood - Allows vampires to exist in direct sunlight for many hours.  Of course when in direct sunlight a vampires powers are greatly reduced.  Some powers are completely neutralized as well.

  • Extraterrestrial Blood (Greys Of Gliese 581) - Turns vampires deeply violent and increases strength three fold.  Other alien species would have varying effects to numerous to list here.

  • Werewolf Blood - Increased aggression and oddly enough aversion to moonlight.

  • Lycan Blood - Turns a vampire into a Werewolf-Vampire hybrid under the spell of a Lycan master.

  • Chupacabra Blood - Turns vampires into violent out of control animals with no intelligent reasoning.

  • Manticore Blood -Vampire turns into a blood thirsty mindless animal on every New Moon.  No cure.

  • Werecat Blood - Temporarily manifests properties of a Werecat.

  • Unicorn Blood - Turns a vampire invincible and immune to all magic.  No information on whether this is permanent or not.
  • Pegasus Blood - Allows a vampire to fly at will for several weeks.
  • Unicorn-Pegasus Hybrid Blood - Allows a vampire to be permanently invincible, and immune to all magic with the power of flight into outer space, and even into higher dimensions up to Heaven itself no matter if they're good or evil.
  • Genie Blood - Turns a vampire into a Genie, and locks them in the bottle or lamp of the Genie.  The Genie is then free.  A Genie's blood is deeply alluring to a vampire who will most likely not know what kind of blood it is or that it's dealing with a Genie.  It's a trick to lure the vampire into drinking the blood.  Even if a vampire figures out it's a Genie the Genie will tell them they can grant all the wishes in the world for themselves once they drink the Genie blood.
  • Demon Blood - Turns good vampires evil and increases strength twelve fold.  Vampire becomes unwilling slave of the demon.  Without an antidote the vampire will eventually transform into a full demon.
  • Leprechaun Blood - Gives a vampire good luck in all that they do. In some cases borderline evil vampires are turned good.
  • Clurichaun Blood - Gives a vampire bad luck in all that they do.  Turns good vampires evil for a time.
  • Mermaid Blood - Temporarily turns a vampire into a mermaid.
  • Hereditary Witches Blood - Gives the vampires their genetically inherited magical powers for a short period of time.  Vampire bodies are strong enough to wield extremely powerful magics.  Same goes for Wizards, and Sorcerers as well.  One of the only ways to equalize things in a battle against parishioners of magic.
  • Angel Blood (When they take human form) - Rumored to reverse vampirism and restore them to human form.  Although they must perform a lifetime of penance to cleanse their soul of vampirical sins.   If they are evil it acts as a poison that will kill them without antidote.
  • Archangel Blood (When they take human form) - Evil vampires killed instantly, and sent to hell.  Good vampires instantly restored to human status with soul purified of all past sins.
  • God Blood (Earthly Gods Such as Pagan, Greek & Roman) - Ultimate power boost for a vampire.  The vampire would permanently become an Earthly God themselves whether they were good or evil vampires.  This only occurs if the blood is drank directly from a live God in biological form.  If the blood is on the outside of the body, or collected in a container, and then drank it will give the vampire temporary physical abilities of a God minus the magical powers.
  • Demigod Blood (Earthly God Offspring) - Vampire temporarily becomes a demi-god which includes far more power than their vampire form.
  • Demigod Blood (Omniversal God Offspring such as Jesus Christ) - Evil vampires blinked out of existence for all eternity including their existence in the past.  Good vampires become immortal humans with increase in powers beyond that of a vampire.  Any evils of the past are erased from the timeline.
  • Demi-Angel Blood - Temporary poison for evil vampires while good vampires see a temporary return to human status.
  • Reverse Vampire Blood - Might possibly turn a vampire into a reverse vampire temporarily or permanently.
  • Zombie Blood - Considered poison.  Greatly weakens a vampire and makes him vulnerable to attack.  The taste is so horrific that it's rather difficult to fool a vampire into drinking it.  Injection with a pure silver syringe would be the way to go.
  • Mummy Blood - Causes vampire to shrivel up into a dehydrated form until an antidote is procured.  In addition the vampire is cursed with bad luck until the mummy body is burned in holy fire.
  • Ghoul Blood - Similar to zombie blood except it paralyzes a vampire for several hours.
  • Sasquatch Blood (Bigfoot) - Will knock a vampire out cold instantly and then it will die within hours.
  • Yeti Blood (Abominable Snowman) - Can reverse the deadly effects of Bigfoot blood.  If no Sasquatch blood has been ingested then causes deadly rage filled episodes in vampires along with a craving for below freezing temperatures. Abominable Snowman blood also acts as a sun screen for vampires, and allows them to stay in the sun for a few hours at a time before re-application is required.
  • Santa Claus Blood (Santa is a Demi-Archangel) - There is only one recorded incident of a vampire biting Santa.  That vampire is now dead as a doornail.
  • Anti-Claus Blood (Claude Claus is a Demi-ArchDemon) - Puts a vampire under his spell, and enslaves them.  Increase in power seen.
  • Father Time Blood - Vampire can temporarily travel through time at will.
  • Cupid Blood - Vampire will fall in an obsessed fatal attraction style love with the first person of the opposite sex they see.
  • Ghost Blood - If a ghost is able to take rare human form, and a vampire drinks of it's blood they will turn into an astral projection ghost until the blood leaves their system.
  • Elf Blood - Minor boost in power overall.  Degree varies among different types of Elves although Santa's Enchanted Elves provide the most power.
  • Enchanted Reindeer Blood - Allows a vampire to fly for a time at will.
  • Fairy Blood - Turns vampires docile, and weakens them slightly.  Even the most evil, and violent vampires become harmless kittens.
  • Phoenix Firebird Blood - Vampire can never be killed, and will rise from his ashes in a ball of flames with his body reforming.  Also the power of flight and pyrokinesis is achieved.
  • Slenderman Blood - The vile tasting black blood instantly paralyzes a vampire giving them eternal day, and night terrors.  Although the paralysis eventually wears off they are still extremely weakened for all the rest of their days.  Slenderman can also utilize them as a puppet any time he wishes, and they are unable to kill themselves to end their misery.

Vampire blood can aid healing in humans and even temporarily boost intelligence levels.




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