February 3, 2023

2 thoughts on “Do Vampires Sleep?

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  2. . . . because they’re not likely to suffer blood loss and slip into unconsciousness, maybe that could be a reason why they are so wired and do not need sleep . . . but how is it that their immune system is so impervious that they do not suffer infection from their victim’s blood? . . or do they?. . or are their senses such that they are able to detect a healthy donor? . .

    1. The vampire is in essence dead which is why they’re called the living dead or walking dead. As far as medical science is concerned they are animated corpses. So technically a dead person cannot catch a disease. However when looking deeper this living dead status is caused by demonic DNA. Demons or any other non-corporeal entity that resides in the higher dimensions are considered dead in our Universe. Their physical translations into this reality are therefore death itself. Simply put, living bacteria, and viruses can have no meaningful interaction with the living dead. Although there have been some rare recorded cases of supernatural diseases that are almost always conjured up by extermly dark magics. Even without the cloak of death the paranormal vampire virus, which originally transformed them into a living dead being, is present in their body. A rare few Cryptozoologists have extracted the vampire virus, introduced various deadly viruses to it under a microscope and witnessed it assimilate the viral agents into an addition vampirical virus. Introduced bacteria caused a transformation into monstrous looking demonic bacterium. Despite the vampires immunity to the diseases of our physical reality, they do tend to avoid those with tainted blood because the taste is undesirable. Luckily their keen sense of smell can detect the aroma of disease in a potential victim from quite a distance.

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