What Happened To Mystic Investigations On National Taco Day?

Hey Xavier Remington, President Of Mystic Investigations, here! On #NationalTacoDay some of the Mystic Investigations team was traveling through rural areas of Tennessee in our Mystic RV. A mobile paranormal research combat unit. We were handling various cases of things that go bump in the night around the state. Since it was National Taco Day we were looking for a Taco Bell or some other place to relish in the meat and tortilla goodness. We finally lucked out, or so we thought when we happened upon an old round barn with a spooky titanic Taco emoji with glowing eyes on top. It was 3 PM when we found the Taco Tank. We entered through the large creaking doors into the dimly lit barn that had a concrete floor. We were hesitant at first but the smell of scrumptious tacos hung heavy in the air. We walked past the empty wood tables and up to an old dusty metal counter. We started reading the hand written menu hanging above when all the sudden a creepy guy bolted from the darkness practically screaming, “May I take your order!” He seriously jump scared us! The creeper sort of looked like a deeply demented Vincent Price with a off-putting voice to match.🌮 Read The Rest On Our Supernatural Stories Blog…

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