January 31, 2023

22 thoughts on “What Happens When A Werewolf Is Shot With A Silver Bullet?

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  2. I hope I never experience such a tragedy! You know way more about this then I do. I’m always learning more! Thank you for this. You, Rebecca, Drake and all Mystic Investigations have an awesome weekend. 🙂

  3. Is the Michigan Wolfman a werewolf(obviously)? But it attacks in daylight, so would it be an albino werewolf?
    Also does subliminal messages work?

    1. The creature is officially called the Michigan Dogman. Our research finds that he doesn’t fit the profile of a Werewolf, or any supernaturally occurring creature. I believe he’s an escaped genetic experiment involving the melding of werewolf, hell hound, and possibly gorilla as well. Since it’s not easy to escape a US government facility along with them not liking loose ends the Dogman most likely escaped a small private paranormal experimentation center. He could have also been the product of another smaller government, and he made his way here by stowing away on a cargo ship, or airplane.

  4. Ashley so there is a possibility of there being more? Have you got one caged and diagnosing it? Thanks.

    Julia i’m going on the assumption that you can psychic persuade someone.

    Touhou I use his subliminals too. A “private video” mmm… huh oh sorry!

  5. Hahaha regular people stuff. Yeah go head message me, I don’t mind making friends Touhou.
    Azeiquil Gavreel is my magical name. I rarely tell people my real name…unless I trust them very much.

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