Can Celebrating Halloween Bring You Protection Against The Paranormal?

Like all Holiday Spirits, The Spirit Of Halloween has a metaphysical connection with humankind.  The Halloween Spirit is derived from the collective conscious of sentient beings acting through the conduit of the Halloween Queen Shala. That means you can gain benefits from it. Generally, in the form of good luck. Unfortunately, in the case of Halloween one’s lack of seasonal spirit may bring bad luck! Halloween is a holiday of balance between dark and light. The ideal mix of good and evil. These elements are guided by Queen Shala, a Demon-Angel Hybrid, and the Autumn Gods in the season of the Autumnal Equinox.🍁

Halloween gives us outward imagery and stories of spooky darkness that have no basis in reality as far as most are concerned. In a way, it mocks the very real forces of supernatural darkness and defies their threat to humans and enchanted entities of righteousness. Those of us in the paranormal world know of the very real manifestation of malicious monsters! Perhaps most know this at a sub-conscious level and choose to create a safe world of dark fantasy in its place. In the end, this mad mix of macabre malevolence and the blissful ignorance of mainstream Halloween celebrations creates the bewitching balance of All Hallows Eve. The supreme symmetry that is symbiotic with a Universe that can never exist in a state of perfect Utopia nor Dystopia. The result of either would be static stagnation and the destruction of our dynamic physical reality as we know it!⚖️ Read The Rest Of The Story On Our Halloween Blog…🎃

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