The Dark Frost Moon Werewolf Watch!

A Dark Frost Moon Werewolf Watch is in effect for the entire planet Earth until the Moon is below 80% of full! Werewolves have been sighted around the world and they’re out to eat you alive! Stay indoors between dusk and dawn. Have protective countermeasures such as silver, wolfsbane, and holy blessed items hanging in doorways and windows! If you must stroll out in the moonlight always keep a wary eye on the dark shadows where the werewolf and other malevolent monsters may hide! If all else fails pray to your God of choice. Generally, lower nature deities will answer such pleas for help. These include Fairies and Nymphs.

In the human world, the November Full Moon is usually called the Beaver or Frost Moon. These names came from Native American observations of the first enduring frosts and the Beavers entering their lodges for the winter. In the paranormal world, the Moon may be controlled by various forces or entities in any given month. The Moon of this month is usually the Dark Moon due to the lingering evil energies of Halloween and Day Of The Dead. There’s also the cloudy skies brought about by Winter deities vying for dominance over that of the Autumnal. This particular November is the Dark Frost Moon as the infamous Primordial Winter God Jack Frost has been fighting to bring winter to us earlier. This is evidenced by the early snowstorms and bitter cold we’ve been seeing! With that, we still have the darkness of Halloween from less than 2 weeks ago….Read The Rest On Our Paranormal Activity Forecast…

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