December 5, 2022

46 thoughts on “Welcome To Ask Mystic Investigations

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  2. I’m sure you must get this alot. But this is actually out of sincerity-no selfishness, no greed or pride or anything less than what is good for me. I’ve always, since a small child, had a burning desire to become a vampire. I probably don’t fully yet understand the consequences of such a decision, but I’ve had several years to think it through…Is there anything you can tell me or show me to help me find a vampire willing to transform me?

    1. Vampires are usually rather particular about who they choose to bring across to the dark side. Most will shun such advances from a human and will most likely rob you of all your blood. You might try hanging around place where vampires might gather. Usually exclusive underground night clubs. Some lower level vampires live in crypts within large cemeteries so they can quickly access freshly dead humans in the mortuary before their blood becomes poisonous. One thing to be aware of is that you will become a different person when transformed. Your gene’s are radically altered which in turn radically alters your brain and the way you think. Most vampires tend to be evil in varying degrees and have no issue with killing humans for their blood and just for the simple thrill. However if you have a strong will you may be able to fight the altering of your mind and retain your human goodness. Seeking immortality and power through vampirical transformation is a serious matter you should not tread lightly into. Once you become a vampire and enter the darkness there’s no going back into the light physically and spiritually.

  3. Hello there,
    I have a problem with large flys. Have just recently moved in to a unit and for the past week or so there has been a new influx of flys everyday. First it was just one, then as soon as I’d spray it another one would appear. Now when I come home from work there are around ten or more in the bathroom (always in the bathroom). There is no smell anywhere – no decaying smell or anything at all. There are some broken tiles around the toilet base (maybe they are coming from there), and tonight I noticed quite a few of them at the window. I have not idea where they are coming from, am finding it a tad unusual and now I’m worried about being away from the unit for too long, unsure of what I’ll find when I get home.

    1. Since you see them in the bathroom a lot you should check to see if they’re squeezing in the bathroom fan. Seal it with tape and plastic to see if that’s the problem. Naturally the usual culprit are cracks in windows. I’d tape them up or seal them with sheets of plastic which comes in handy for winter drafts as well. Placing fly tape near windows and lights you have on often will trap some of them. If you want to kill flies fast or spray something to deter them then try an orange or peppermint oil based pesticide. When we get an occasional fly at Remington Manor I’ve found Ortho Defense Indoor Insect Killer the best at killing the flies instantly, deterring them from windows, and leaving a pleasant orange smell behind. Also check outside for anything that might attract a lot of flies to your location. There’s also a slim chance that an infestation exists within the walls.

  4. . . . . no dead body smell of any kind (that’s always a good thing!) . . . . . . . but they’re still here . . . what is their problem? . . . I’ve sprayed enough of them they should have figured out by now that my unit is not an ideal place for good atmosphere and food!!! . . .

  5. Roseheart? . . . . . . why do you want to become a vampire? . . . . . sounds like a hell of a lot of work to me!!!!!! .. . . . . surely you can only drink so much blood!!! . . . you’d be missing so much!!!! . . . I think you should reconsider . . . If you’re looking for something different to do in your life . . why not go the complete opposite and become a vegetarian!!!! . .

  6. . . . . they’ve gone!! . . . nothing mystical at all then I guess . . . can’t say I’m not disappointed . . . . . . . thank you admin so much for answering my comment . . . much appreciated . . . . . . . . Remington Manor sounds just delightful by the way . . . . . . have always had a problem with orange oil based items as I accidently used an orange oil spray for an emergency deodorant (not quite sure it was by accident now that I think of it . . ) . . . . IT BURNS!!!!! . . .My god it burns!! . . . . . anyway, thank you again.

    1. There’s a chance Multiple Identity Disorder could be possession by a demon, spirit, or an inter-dimensional being(s) of some type. Although we feel it’s more likely a break down in the human brains interface with it’s own soul. The human soul is the culmination of a persons parallel lives lived in the various near infinite parallel Universes encompassing almost every scenario within reason. A combination of a genetic defect along with the deliberate, or accidental acquisition of heightened awareness of higher dimensions without a strong will causes a defect in the mind to develop. The personalities of their parallel lives then leak in from the various parallel realities. It seems most of the time a traumatic event triggers this mental defect among those with the genetic propensity for Dissociative Identity Disorder also called Multiple Identity Disorder, or Split Personality Disorder.

  7. . . . thank you for replying admin . . . . I understand how trauhma is often the cause of this disorder, its just that I have heard the beginnings of some television documentaries regarding native, country or indigenous folk and issues where the viewer is warned that they may hear voices of those who have passed . . . . and it just got me thinking is all . . . as to how much influence some cultures regard ‘the other side’ as having on present day life. I even regret having brought it up actually because in the wrong hands (not referring to your website) the idea could open up a can of worms that could invalidate or confuse concerns and states of mind.

  8. . . . the book ‘When Rabbit Howls’ has always intrigued me . . . particularly concerning memory lapses regarding certain carried out activities (these activities being carried out by individual personalities, each having their own separate memory of events as they occur in relation to themselves) . . . .

  9. hello again admin,
    i was just wondering if there is anything out there regarding incidents of past and present being intertwined (perhaps as an act of hindsight) . . . or if this seems to be occuring could it just be a manifestation of an individual’s own fears, issues and problems unsolved and the genuine and intense need for resolution and settlement . . . . . . . . . is it when the depth of disorder and disorientation from unresolved concerns reaches the soul that life seems to fragment itself in this way . . . .

  10. hello admin
    thank you for accepting.
    I have a question that intrigues me.
    concerning Jason Voorhees.
    your explanation is reasonable, but the problem is that how Jason Voorhees continues to grow, he drowned when he was 9 years old.

  11. thank you.
    So he did not die when he was swimming, you think it has survived in the first episode.
    some sites say it’s an undead or an incarnation, what do you think?
    it’s possible an undead continues to grow?

    1. Yes he did die from swimming as a child but his spirit lived on in the world between life, and death. Then demonic forces placed that spirit into the body of an unrelated freshly dead human adult male. So in a way he’s like a zombie.

  12. thank you again.
    it’s really a nice site.
    I hope I do not matter to you with my questions, if we resume, jason died when he was a child, the demonic forces have established the spirit in a body of a adult , sorry I have another question, how the adult body looks suspiciously like Jason, he has the same physical problem, it is hydrocephalic.

  13. a demi-demon can change the appearance of this face??
    but if jason is a demi-demon, he is different compared to others ”demidemons”.
    what do you think?

    1. The Sasquatch, and humans evolved from the same ancestor. However the creation of Sasquatch aka Bigfoot was the product of extraterrestrial experimentation. Certainly humankind’s various creations, including Frankenstein, are considered paranormal in nature. What really makes the Bigfoot supernatural is the fact that it’s immune to all magic, and it’s fur is sought after in various magical rituals, potions, and spells. In addition it’s claws act the same as silver on Werewolves, and it’s blood can be lethal to vampires. Obviously the aliens had science so advanced that it was able to create a weapon against the world of the supernatural. Although it seems they abandoned their experiment or maybe they had enough data to apply it elsewhere.

      1. If bigfoot are immune to all magic, does that mean Omnimagic and Macromagic can’t kill it? As in not even the Omniverse God nor the Macroverse God can use magic to hurt or kill it? Also, would a Traveler be able to kill a bigfoot? or are Traveler abilities considered magic as well?

        1. Firstly we said magic not Gods. Magic is something practiced by humans, and other biological entities. It’s probably a fair bet that even an Earthly God (Greek, Roman, Pagan, etc.) could take down a Bigfoot. So yes a Traveler could destroy a Sasquatch as well. Secondly when referring to magic we were talking about the standard magics practiced on Earth. Those calling upon the next level higher dimensional entities for power such as demons, and Earthly Gods. In reality there is no record of anyone truly practicing Omnimagic, and absolutely nobody doing Macromagic. That being said someone experienced in Enochian Angel magic probably could take out Bigfoot with the power of Angels behind them but no Angel would do that to begin with.

  14. I think Jason has survived, as a child, he grew up in the forest, in the next movies the 3 or 4 he dies, but continues to kill, because as you say, he died but his body is possessed by a demon but how to explain it is able to regenerate in the sixth film, the fifth I do not remember.
    after all it is a film that is not the reality.

    1. Even if Jason were merely a character in a movie within this Universe, he could very well be real in another reality. There are near infinite parallel Universes encompassing all scenarios within certain parameters dictated by a God or Gods. Thanks to parallel Universes, accepted as reality by quantum physicists, just about anything is possible.

  15. First of all,.. I would like to congratulate you on a job well done on this website! I love it! I find it very easy to read and full of knowledge. I have had some experience in the supernatural. Since I was born into this world. Strange things have happened. I am a believer in the supernatural. I do have a question for you. Regarding Vampire’s and werewolves. Do you suppose they could create a real hybrid? A powerful white werewolve. That can move through walls in it’s form? I don’t want to say too much about it. I just am curious is all. As to what you’re thoughts are on this. Not to make you laugh. – I am being serious. I know of things that normal people wouldn’t understand. I’ve stopped trying to explain to everyone! I wonder if it is possible to create a Vampire werewolve hybrid. I know it’s in the movies etc. I know both do co exist in this world together. I only hope they are not ever at war. There can be a common ground between them. I welcome your thoughts and opinion. Thank you for your time Sir or Madam.

    1. Thanks! We’re far from completing this site since there is a near infinite wealth of information to write on the world of the supernatural. So as long as the free internet exists this site will continue to grow for years to come.

      A werewolf-vampire hybrid could be possible since both their DNA has demonic roots. However we haven’t heard any reports of such a being as of yet. I’m thinking maybe it would be a normal vampire on most nights. Then on full moon nights it would hulk out into a super powerful Werewolf. Or more likely it could transform on any night regardless of the Moon due to the mental powers vampires possess.

      As for it being white or albino the only Werewolves of that color are Werewolves that transform during the Yule Moon of Christmas, and the ultra rare soulless pure blood Werewolves that were the product of two transformed Werewolves mating which almost never happens. I think hybrids would just have the normal brown to black fur.

      As for walking through walls I don’t see how a hybrid would acquire that power when they’re a physical entity, and neither has exhibited the ability to some how alter their sub-atomic structure so it’s slightly out of phase with our reality.

      1. Sorry to interfere in a question that isn’t mine .__. but can a person become a werewolf without their DNA becoming demonic, by accessing their Soul and willingly shapeshifting?

        1. A Shapeshifter is something different from a Werewolf. A Shapeshifter would be able to transform into a great many things. Not just a Werewolf. They may appear to be a Werewolf but they wouldn’t actually be one, and there would be no demonic DNA.

  16. The werewolve I am talking about. Already has these abilities to walk through walls. Even steel. More like an astral werewolve. In it’s true form it is unstoppable. Other werewolves have tried to kill it. Since this werewolve is a sheep in wolves clothing. It protects the innocent victims the packs enjoy hunting. Such as children “orphans” homeless people etc. This wolf was put on this earth to protect the innocent humans. It did not even understand who it is or even why it’s become! Can there ever be peace for the innocents? I like to believe Vampires and Werewolves were put on this earth to protect nature! As well as uphold the laws. Stand by the old code! Honor is everything. Punish the bad people who destroy this earth etc. The truth is, I have many questions. I’m not sure anyone has these answers. Again thank you!

    1. Since the rare pure blood albino Werewolf I mentioned in another post has no soul then if it’s killed it could very well become an astral Werewolf spirit. As for vampire-werewolf hybrids having the power to phase their physicality out of sync with reality just enough to walk through solid matter, it might possible in a few vampires who already exhibit extraordinary telekinetic powers. Vampires who have lived for many centuries which would allow for that power to build.

      Yes indeed there are some vampires, and werewolves that fight on the side of good to protect humanity, and Mother Earth as well.

  17. Thank you Admin, this was of great help. Although’ I still don’t understand how it’s happening. From what you’ve said it’s nearly impossible. Yet it’s a reality for the person going through it. This person wolfs out on a full moon and black moon (New Moon). Normally trying to avoid confrontation of other packs. Runs away! Since this werewolve has killed many other werewolves who attacked. Since it’s silvery white it sticks out like a sore thumb! Yes I am frustrated. But I’m sure there’s an explanation. I just know know why? Maybe there’s just no explanation as to why. I am pleased to hear there are Vampires and Werewolves who protect Earth, Nature and the innocent humans. I’m glad I’m not alone on this. Because I really hate war. Seems The white werewolve just shows up where ever it’s needed. Can’t really control where it’s going to go next. Does that make any sense? This werewolve’s father was a werewolve. The mother comes from Wiccan. (Witch). The silver whitewolve was born Dec 21st. On the- Winter Solstice. I don’t mean to confuse you or anyone! Just seeking answers. More knowledge. I also hope the internet remains free! 🙂 I look forward to many more years of knowledge. Sincerely, pleased.

    1. We would never aid someone in selling themselves to the forces of evil. Obviously praying to the Devil, and various demons does the trick for those into the dark arts. Otherwise demons are always psychically, and astrally probing the collective human consciousness for vulnerable souls desperate for an easy solution to their problems, or realization of their dreams. They then approach them to make a deal. We’re not into the dark magics so we don’t know the specifics of conjuring up demons.

  18. I know I may just be crazy but could it be something else? Here are some examples.

    I have memories of being very few months old and remembering some strange things. Firstly, I have this strange occurrence where I simply know things. I do not think about them I just already know. Things that come true every time. They will range from questions I was asked in school to events months in advance.

    I have four enlarged canine teeth that seem out of place on me.

    I have no real desires expect serving someone higher then me. Now I mean in a military or as if servings a king. I have the natural born ability to lead but I have no desire but to follow. I always want the role of guardian or sentinel. Also I have a over fascination with physical strength.

    I can see….let’s say things. I have come face to face with demons, banshees, and other creatures. This started out when I was visited as a child roughly the age of 8 years old in the night by a demon guided as who I now realize was Adolfo hitler. At that age however I knew nothing of nazi Germany or the holocaust. When I was 18 years old I sat in a hospice with my grandmother as she passed away, the second she left this plane a hulking black shadow was standing next to her. Who smiled at me before disappearing.

    I can also feel the emotions of others, tell when they lie to me however I have to look at them physically, and I can always tell what truly lies in their hearts.

    There is so much more I could say but this is already extremely long….maybe I could be human.

    1. There’s a chance you have some manner of demonic lineage or you have latent powers attempting to manifest from your junk DNA. This in turn would peak the interest of demons always looking to recruit those with power potential.

  19. Thank you for replying Xavier,

    Well oddly enough I am literally a twin to my father but I have my mothers traits, for example my eyes. My hair also has started to what I thought was gray. However if you pull it out it is really a silver color. It also appears randomly on my body in various places. My eyes were a solid almost black brown at birth and once I turned sixteen it started to turn into a more yellowish brown with a hint of green.

    I also have this problem where people can’t understand me when I talk and i have no idea why. It doesn’t come out sounding different then anyone else talking.

    Also I felt so empowered during the winter solstice in 2012 and once it ended I have felt weaker as if something got locked away from me.

    I have spoken with “beings” the most recent a woman in her twenties after being violently shaken awake.

    I don’t talk to anyone about these things. I’m very smart and this goes against my rational thinking. I would just like some answers sadly, I would do anything…

  20. Can a person’s Angel/Soul become a Traveler, while the person is still alive in every parallel life? Or does that only happen after death in every parallel universe?

    If it’s possible for the Angel/Soul to become a Traveler, while the person is still alive biologically in each parallel Universe, what would happen to each parallel life?

    1. Any higher dimensional soul is separate from their lower dimensional self. In addition events in the higher dimensions are happening simultaneously just as they are in the parallel Universes. Everyone has free will, and can become a Traveler anytime they’d like. Our higher dimensional soul being an Angel or a Traveler makes no difference.

  21. I just had a weird experience with your website (on this page to be specific). There are questions that I do not remember asking, or at least I don’t remember asking them in the way that it’s shown here.

  22. Hi. I was wondering. Is there any possibility for a Higher Dimensional being, such as a Hyper-Omniverse God, to choose to become biological but end up having their power blocked or stored within them, causing them to be as strong or even weaker than a regular human?

    This question probably sounds dumb, but I’m just really curious.

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