Does The Illuminati Exist?

Is There A New World Order Ruling The Earth?
Illuminati All Seeing EyeClearly the top .0001% wealthy elites of the Earth, which include royalty, international globalist bankers, and upper echelon billionaires, act as an evil plutocratic dictatorship.  It’s undeniable they have influence, and power within governments.  Despite their deceptive act of having kind demeanors through friendly public appearances, and the pushing of their so called charitable foundations, their actual deeds are despicable in nature.  Most of their charitable foundations that supposedly look to the help the poor actually sterilize, and exterminate them through toxic vaccines in conjunction with other nefarious measures being used on populaces around the world.  The bloody barbarism of royalty has been seen through the ages.  Only in modern times has it moved a bit underground shrouded in deceit due to the age of mass global media.

Realistically royalty has never had any comprehension of what it is to be an average person, and since the dawn of civilization they’ve done nothing but enslave, and kill the very people they rule over.  However the maniacal birth of the Illuminati was most likely first seen among Egyptian royalty hence the Egyptian based Illuminati symbolism.  It’s no secret that they have delusions of grandeur, and see themselves as Gods with superior bloodlines that look upon us all with disdain.  This despite the fact that their inbreeding has made them into inferior Beverly Hillbillies with mental issues that further intensify their maniacal tendencies bred into their dark hearts for countless generations.  Their master plan has always been to rule the Earth through a one world government New World Order, and eradicate most of the populace leaving only a small slave class to serve them.  In modern times that agenda is evolving into total extermination of humanity since robotic technologies will eventually make us obsolete.  They are hell bent on poisoning people through GMO’s, fluoridated water, chemicals in the food, vaccines, prescription drugs, and chemtrails that are also apart of a planet wide geo-engineering effort disguised as a fix for global warming.  The Illuminati risks destroying themselves, and the planet in the process but they could care less as the ends justify the means.  They would rather commit suicide than not see this planet shaped into the dark vision of Hell they so love!

So how can a small minority of royalty, and billionaires rule over the planet with the cooperation of thousands of people within governments while not being exposed to the world?  The Illuminati can rule over the planet with an iron fist while avoiding being arrested, tried for crimes against humanity, and facing execution through a massive conspiracy compartmentalization system.  A New World Order that utilizes the power of corporations, and the natural selfish desires of humans to be rich, and feel they have power.  Corrupt individuals are what link all the elements of the New World Order together, and connect the strings to the Illuminati puppet masters. Naturally a great many of the Illuminati’s lackeys have no idea that the final end game actually involves their sterilization, extermination, and the possible destruction of the Earth.  Thanks to compartmentalization the Illuminati are insulated so the lackey class, and corporations can take the blame for any wrong doings exposed to the world that could cause possible public outrage.

As the frightening royalty began seeing their monarchies crumbling over the past centuries under the threat of revolution they started hiding behind the caring cloak of democracy giving the illusion people were ruling their government.  Behind the scenes of course the royals still had sway with the fawning upper class who always seem to get elected to power.  Some of which, including international bankers, and later billionaires, inbred with them so they could become royalty as well. As time went on corporations became the tool by which to influence governments, and bring in revenue to fund their dark agenda.  Today the Illuminati own stock in a plethora of multinational corporations, and banks that have infested the governments of the world.  The banks being the most notorious.  This includes the United States private central bank known as the Federal Reserve which mysteriously seems out of reach for even Congress to manage.   Under a system of Corporatism, aka Crony Capitalism, these corporations control the political, and economic systems of the world rigging the markets in their favor, and collecting taxes as interest on debts through their central banks that produce fiat currency illegally out of thin air.

The corporations own the mainstream media, and entertainment industry as well which allows them to re-shape reality in their own image while protecting the corrupt corporatist system.  This has allowed them to create a disgusting corporatist culture that brainwashes the populace into believing in a reality that doesn’t really exist.  False information, the dividing of the populaces against each other, and the general destruction of traditional values, which are the foundation of any successful civilization, are key to the Illuminati’s plans of complete global domination.  The Illuminati’s worst nightmare is for humankind to band together against them, and take back the governments from the corporations while seeking justice in the apprehension of the real terrorists, and enemies of mankind.  To allow humanity to prosper in peace through a system of sovereign nations under real Constitutional Republics, real free market capitalism, independent media, and a social system of freedom is unacceptable to them.  This is how the United States became the most powerful nation on Earth with the most wealthy populace of peace.  A system that is now being dismantled in a wave of globalist corporatist imperial police-nanny state tyranny, directed by plutocracy, that will shackle humankind in a pit of darkness for all eternity unless it’s stopped!

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The same principles in the video below apply to the Illuminati. The only difference is they rule through from the dark shadows rewarding their loyal followers in a clandestine manner while only a select few know the real deal!


Does The New World Order Use The Power Of The Paranormal?

Illuminati All Seeing EyeYes, in fact, the evil folks behind the New World Order aka Illuminati (top 1% wealthy elite) got to where they are thanks to the world of the supernatural.  At the top of the New World Order conspiracy are various royalty, including a handful of international bankers and corporate titans. Together these megalomaniacal maniacs control the major nations of the world along with manipulating the economy and society in general through their vast network of business holdings, power players, and media outlets.

At the very paranormal peak is the Devil himself who they worship along with his son, the Anti-Christ, who will be bred from the wealthy elites.  Most likely from royal blood.  He will be a Demidemon more powerful than the handful who already exist. Once born and grown to adulthood this nefarious figure will be ready to aid the Illuminati in their clandestine quest to bring darkness to the Earth for eternity.  Also, various demons sent by the Devil aid them in their perplexing plans for global damnation, enslavement of humankind, and ultimately mass human extermination. These demonic powers also work in conjunction with dark witches and warlocks who practice black magic.  The Illuminati can also channel poltergeists to do their bidding and they employ vampires as well. In fact, the vampire royals of Transylvania are major power players in the New World Order and the coming War Of Armageddon! Werewolves and zombies are sometimes used to cause seemingly mindless havoc that has a purpose in the big picture they envision. There’s also misguided superhumans at their beck and call as well.

The New World Order also has aliens working with them!  A rogue group of Dinosauroid’s from the Andromeda Galaxy aid them for their own reasons.  The reason being that the Dinosauroid species was actually the first intelligent humanoid species to evolve on Earth millions of years ago.  They left due to the meteor that caused the dinosaur extinction and eventually found a home in the Milky Way’s neighboring galaxy.   A large group returned in Ancient Egyptian times as explorers to see what had become of their world. After observing humankind for a time they left but a small unauthorized group secretly remained, hell-bent on reclaiming their planet.  They possess extraordinary technology and knowledge that compliments the power of the paranormal.  They want to exterminate every human on Earth, except for their Illuminati allies, along with wiping out all paranormal beings not in their service. In the end, all human functions will be replaced by artificial intelligence, robots, and magic.

There’s also the Anti-Claus wild card.  Santa’s Demidemon brother who some once thought might be the Anti-Christ.  Despite being a loyal disciple of the Devil, he refuses to completely throw in with the New World Order. Although, he works within their control system at times to accomplish his diabolical goals. The Devil supports him as a denizen of darkness and doesn’t favor either party over the other as he stands behind all evil due to it ultimately meeting his master plan.  So the AntiClaus has the same kind of supernatural power behind him including a complete marshaling of dark forces on Halloween and Dark Christmas.  Hopefully, the Anti-Claus, aliens, and Illuminati will clash someday and unintentionally help the forces of good defeat them and wipe their hellish regime off the face of the Earth for all eternity!

Posted By Mystic Investigations President Xavier Remington.