Are Star Wars & The Force Real?

Is Star Wars Based On A True Story?

Star Wars: The Complete CollectionThe Star Wars franchise is indeed based on a true story! The Jedi, Sith, The Force, Rebel Alliance and the battle against the Galactic Empire a long time ago in a Galaxy far far away are real!¬† This includes Emperor Palpatine, Darth Vader, Yoda, Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Princess Leia, and all the rest of the characters to an extent. This includes the Original Trilogy and Prequels that involved George Lucas. However, the latest trilogy in Disney’s hands loses touch with what actually happened to these legendary people! The evidence that Star Wars is real has been suppressed by the government with a controlled release to the entertainment industry. This is often a common tactic to subvert any thought of the story being real. They cover up thing by placing it in plain sight as supposed fiction! The first information about the real Star Wars Galaxy came from the various visions of a handful of gifted psychics, seers, and mystics.

Where Is The Real Star Wars Galaxy Located?

In some cases, contact was made with Force Ghosts, standard ghosts, and afterlife souls who lived during the storylines we’re familiar with courtesy of the movies. Some arriving on Earth via using Wormholes, Force Space Folding, and Force Projection. There is even some anecdotal evidence that at least two powerful Force sensitive individuals used these methods to physically travel here within the 20th century! Recently within the secretive supernatural community “The Star Wars Project” was completed. It was a decade’s long culmination of accumulated metaphysical data. The final linchpin of the Project was direct telepathic contact with a sensational psychic possessing strong Jedi powers. This person is currently alive in the Star Wars Galaxy that we now know is called the Mosillia Galaxy. Apparently named after the astronomer who first discovered it. This spiral galaxy is truly far far away located in the Ophiuchus Supercluster which is over 390 million light years from our own Virgo Supercluster! In other words, even at Light Speed, it would take us over 390 million years to travel there! Interestingly enough, there was a massive explosion there that was second only to the Big Bang! It took place there some 390 million years ago! Could it be the creation of The Force?

When Did The Real Star Wars Take Place?

The general time frame of the movie’s storyline takes place approximately 1200 years ago during our 9th century. The current collective of civilizations in the Ophiuchus Supercluster have begun recently traveling outside their own Supercluster. So who knows if the next few thousand years could bring us in official contact with them Especially if our own projected future of intergalactic supercluster travel takes place by the 44th century! This has been verified by both psychics and time travelers alike! Wormholes, space folding, and cutting into the fifth dimension could bridge the gap between our two civilizations.

Jedi Force Ghosts Visit George Lucas To Have Their Story Told!

It’s thought that the Creator of Star Wars, George Lucas, was sub-consciously influenced by various Jedi spirits who wished for their story to be known throughout the Universe.¬† This is what compelled Lucas to create Star Wars. We also have anecdotal tales of a Force Ghost visiting Lucas with information about the Prequels. It’s also likely that similar works of so-called “fiction” have been created in a plethora of extraterrestrial civilizations. It’s unknown why George was chosen to tell the story on Earth, or if he was simply the most receptive to force spirits.¬† However, there are those who say something in him eventually changed.¬† Some believe dark Sith spirits began to muddle his mind as they didn’t take kindly to them being cast as the quintessence of evil.

Sith Spirits Corrupt George Lucas!

George Lucas suffered an internal battle with the Sith spirits and the negative backlash about the prequels. Despite very few people liking Jar Jar Binks, he was in fact real! Binks was the Sith mastermind behind everything and being a goofball was the ultimate cover! Jar Jar was even more powerful than Emperor Palpatine! Under fan pressure Lucas changed the Jar Jar story. In reality, Binks ended up being killed by Palpatine who lusted for total control and power. He did the same with his Master Darth Plagueis. Jar Jar was never found out to be evil nor a user of The Force by the general populace and he died as a beloved martyr. Although, the Jedi eventually found out the true tale decades later. This changing of the story caused the Jedi spirits to abandon Lucas and he decided to sell Lucasfilm and the entire Star Wars franchise to Disney. The Spirits had no issue with adding creative liberties for necessary entertainment purposes. They just wouldn’t stand for key elements being omitted.

Lucas Sells To Disney And The Real Trilogy Is Lost

Lucas gave his story ideas for episodes 7 through 9 to Disney but they chose to take the more creative route and made up their own stories for the most part. George also tried to convince Disney that Star Wars was based on a true story but they thought he was nuts. Although, later on Disney’s government connections in the US Paranormal Defense Agency made them think otherwise. Unluckily for them, none of their psychics could get confirmed contact with the Star Wars Galaxy and they were hell bent on telling their own tales. It is thought that the character of Rey was a substitute for the real Luke Skywalker’s daughter Annika. As far as we know Palpatine never had any kids. He was the quintessence of evil at a height beyond any desire for love, sex or procreation.

What The Real Recent Final Trilogy Would Have Been

If the recent trilogy had adhered to reality then we would have seen Luke train his daughter Annika as a Jedi. Interestingly enough, Leia and Han’s son Kylo Ren was real. Kylo turned to the dark side and tried to lure Annika in with him. Luke and his daughter have a showdown with Supreme Leader Snoke and his Elite Praetorian Guard. It is quickly apparent that he’s a force projection as the Guards are defeated. We finally get to see Luke in super action along with him easily deflecting Force Lightning. Snoke turns out to be Palpatine lying in a preservation tank nearby. Luke prepares to kill Palpatine but Kylo enters the fray with his Knights Of Ren. Luke force pushes Annika out a door and seals it shut as he ends up dying by their hands with the aid of Palpatine’s surprise psychic attacks! Luke becomes a Force Ghost who guides Annika into the quest of leading the rebellion to save the Republic from Emperor Kylo now possessed by Palpatines spirit. In the end, Annika and an armada of Force Ghosts defeat Emperor Kylo Palpatine. Kylo dies as Ben Solo and becomes a Force Ghost. Annika re-assembles the old Jedi Order as Leia is made Chancellor of the New Galactic Republic.

Is The Force Is Real!

Yes, the Star Wars Force is a real energy field connecting all living things. The basic concept is that living things create a collective energy force known as the Living Force which in turn feeds the Cosmic Force. It’s true that all manner of physical energies are interconnected in our Universe. Ultimately at their foundation is Spiritual Metaphysical Energy that also feeds into the Cosmic Force. You add conscious thought to the mix, and you have the basis for those with magical powers in our own paranormal community. This is separate from those with psychokinetic powers via their specially activated DNA that is a product of our higher dimensional Afterlife spirits and destined evolution into Godhood. However, some of those genes do tap into The Force which exists not only in the Star Wars Galaxy but here and everywhere as well!¬† A Force that can manifest as a light or dark side.

Did A Galactic God Have A Hand In Creating Force Users?

Star Wars The Force AwakensIn the Star Wars Galaxy life evolved symbiotically with a microscopic intelligence present in every bodily cell called Midi-Chlorian’s. Like Jar Jar this was another unpopular plot point but it’s the truth. It’s likely some manner of Galactic God had a hand in the evolution of life there, and these Midi-Chlorian’s are a manifestation of his creation. An abundance of these microscopic creatures allow certain individuals to tap into the Force to become a Jedi or Sith. A user of The Force who displayed various telekinetic, telepathic, and psychic powers independent of any special DNA. Although, those with DNA based paranormal powers do exist in the Star Wars Galaxy just like anywhere else. During the time of the stories we know there were very few of these people. The few who interacted with Force sensitive individuals were mistaken as genuine Force users themselves.

When it came to Force users the Galactic God was probably playing out a classic good vs evil storyline of his own. If that’s the case then the forces of good won. Currently, the Mosillia Galaxy is a member of the stable Galactic Republic and Intergalactic Alliance where something like the Jedi flourishes. A group that might be considered Gray Jedi that use the Force as a whole and don’t label it as Dark or Light. These Jedi also work with those with genetic psychokinetic powers to keep liberty intact for the people.

The Future Of The Force

Force users continue to find a gray balance that reflects real life and strives to bring peace free of light and dark conflict. Just as we see more and more people on Earth having psychokinetic powers so does the Star Wars civilization currently see an ever-increasing number of people able to access The Force. The general evolution of sapient life in our Universe seems to be propelling us to the final goal of Godhood ascension to higher planes of reality. We know that Force Ghosts occupy some manner of Heaven plausibly set up by the Galactic God. Someday humans will meet and interbreed with Humanoids from the Star Wars Galaxy. Then we will be one with The Force! | Watch The Star Wars Movies Online Now! |

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Is Night At The Museum Based On A True Story Of Dioramas Coming To Life?

Is The Movie¬†“Night At The Museum” Real?
Night At The Museum” is amazingly based on a true story! There was indeed a museum where the exhibits came to life at night.¬† However liberties were taken to hide the truth under the Supernatural Secrecy Pact.¬† In Night At The Museum,¬†The Golden Tablet of Pharaoh Ahkmenrah had mystical powers responsible for breathing life into the inanimate historical figures at the museum. ¬†In reality the Pharaoh Ahkmenrah nor his fabled tablet of pure gold actually exist. ¬†The movie was based on the Pharaoh¬†Nemtyemsaf II¬†of the sixth Egyptian dynasty. Oddly enough he reigned for only one year in 2184 BC.¬† Legend suggests he was murdered in a nefarious plot to steal the fabled Golden Tablet Of Osiris.¬† Osiris is the Egyptian God of the afterlife, underworld, and the dead.¬† Ancient scrolls indicate that Nemtyemsaf II employed dark¬†magic in an attempt to rule the world but counter forces killed him.¬† A product of his metaphysical meddlings was the Osiris Tablet imbued with powers by the God Of Death himself.

The Excavation Of A Dark Mummy!
The movie was set at New York City’s American Museum of Natural History.¬†However the real the museum where history came alive was located in Colorado.¬† For legal reasons we cannot mention the name of the museum nor the city it was in.¬† Mainstream history records very little about Nemtyemsaf II and certainly there is no mention of finding his tomb, or the tablet.¬† However the museum in question got an anonymous lead, and sent a secret expedition to Egypt.¬† Naturally Egyptian authorities frown upon foreigners conducting secret archaeological digs.¬† It was financed by an undisclosed millionaire, and the museum was eager to take possession of the sarcophagus containing the Nemtyemsaf II mummy along with the golden Osiris tablet.¬† They had a whole backstory ready for how they got this rare possession without acknowledging their illegal Egyptian expedition.¬†¬† Sometime in 1988 they received the treasure during a renovation of their museum.¬† So the mummy, and tablet were never seen by the general public.¬† During that time a lone night watchman was shocked to see the museum exhibits come to life at Midnight. This also included extremely dangerous wild animals!

Night Watchmen Witness The Impossible! Museum Dioramas And Wax Figures Come To Life!
The Night Guard¬†thought he was going nuts, and immediately sought psychiatric help! However in his leave of absence another guard reported the same thing. ¬†Shockingly a third guard was¬†unfortunately killed the night he replaced the second guard. Incidentally the second guar quit the first night on his job. ¬†Soon various other museum officials witnessed it as well. ¬†Inexplicably the animation of wax figures wasn’t captured on newly installed video cameras! However the disappearance of figures did appear on film. One minute it was in its display case, and the next it was gone. Really though it had walked out through a door, or crashed through the glass! When¬†the animated beings returned to their¬†displays at dawn, the camera would suddenly see it seemingly blink in out of thin air.¬†Often high level electromagnetic interference is to blame in supernatural cases where the phenomenon doesn’t appear on camera when visible by human eye. ¬†Although in this case there was no static, or any other distortion of the video.

The Golden Tablet Of Osiris
The¬†Museum called in various paranormal experts who determined the cause of this unique supernatural phenomenon was in fact The Golden Tablet Of Osiris. Over the course of several weeks the paranormal experts, funded by wealthy philanthropists, paid off the museum officials to keep the building closed, and not inform the government who would surely swoop in, and confiscate everything.¬† Numerous injuries were recorded as well from the various violent, and unpredictable historical, and even¬†fictional characters coming to life. Clearly the Witching Hour triggered the power of the tablet, and it ceased its hold on the museum at the sunrise.¬† In particular whenever the first direct rays touched the building.¬† Any exhibits outside in live form at that time would instantly disintegrate into ash like a Vampire caught in the holy sunlight. ¬†It seems the tablet cast a spell on the wax figures since they could leave the museum, and travel quite far away. If placed outside before the Witching Hour they didn’t transform. This indicates they had to be in the museum for the spell to work.

Historical Humans And Fictional Characters Come To Life!
All the beings that came to life knew they were originally inanimate objects yet at the same time¬†had memories of being their respective historical or fictional figures. ¬†The historical figures had memories not contained in any texts which indicated the possibility that they were actually linked to the souls of the real person.¬† This would make sense since Osiris has power over the afterlife, and access to the memories of souls. ¬†The fictional characters coming to life might indicate they’re real in another Parallel Universe.¬†¬†However some of the fictional characters had¬†missing memories.¬† Clearly things never written or conceived of by their creator.¬†¬† Also if they were real in another Universe the tablet may have requires too much power to retrieve the parallel reality memories. Especially if it was actually in another Multiverse! ¬†One incredible¬†example of a fictional character coming to life¬†was the wax figure of Superman! ¬†He was molded in the image of Actor Christopher Reeve yet he completely believed he was Superman.

Darth Vader Animates As Powerless And Depressed
The animated sapient Superman figure¬†came to life with deeply conflicting memories from all his various comic, television, and movie incarnations up to that present. ¬†It’s unknown why it merely didn’t portray the Superman from the 1978 film. Superman had all his powers seen in all forms of media. Especially the comic books. This was unlike¬†Darth Vader who had no Force abilities in Night At The Museum 2, and also in real life when his figure became animated. ¬†Darth was very depressed he could no longer feel the force nor wield its awesome powers. He became very despondent within his plight as a quadruple amputee with numerous health issues that required him to be confined to claustrophobic¬†cybernetic suit. Yes the suit clearly worked along with his lightsaber! However he only wielded it once. What’s unusual is that he had memories from the Prequels as young Anakin Skywalker. He even spoke of events from Rogue One in 1988! There was also things he knew not written or seen in any media up our present. Perhaps more Star Wars movies not yet made! He eventually refused to leave his Death Star control room diorama when animated. Instead of taking a place in the final battle to rid the museum of this dangerous Osiris curse he committed suicide by his own saber never to be animated ever again. Please partake of a moment of silence for poor downtrodden Darth!

Superman Temporarily Lives On Our Earth To Save The Day!
It was Superman, or we should say the animated wax figure of Superman in the image of Christopher Reeve,¬†who eventually got the museum under control. He battled a plethora of animated characters causing chaos, and destruction that sometimes spilled out onto the streets around the museum.¬† Reports of which¬†the government eventually¬†covered up as they do with most prolific paranormal incidents.¬† The only real person to come to life in the museum¬†was the mummy of Nemtyemsaf II. Unfortunately he wasn’t a good guy like¬†Pharaoh Ahkmenrah in the Night At The Museum movies.¬† Superman fought him when he escaped his sarcophagus but he needed help against the magic¬†the mad mummy wielded through Osiris. ¬†Some of the animated characters along with¬†a brave team of supernatural warriors took the mummy down. The team included Priests who blessed Superman’s heat vision so he could blast the mummy into unholy ash for eternal disposal.¬†Such holy flames insured the mummy could never return in physical form or as a dark spirit. Unfortunately US Paranormal Defense Agents showed up to take custody of the mummy for research. Superman being a law abiding citizen didn’t stop them.

Luckily one paranormal investigator knew the Osiris Tablet was too powerful to be in the hands of the US, or any other government.¬† He stole it, and disappeared just as Superman flew out into the cold night to meet his fate as ashes in the rising sun. Although we have no reports of his destruction so who knows?!? The removal of the golden tablet put an end to the supernatural occurrences at the museum.¬†Despite this all exhibits were¬†confiscated by the government for further study. ¬†US officials gave the museum money to reopen after “renovations” with replacement exhibits ready for the public to view.

At some point the paranormal investigator who stole the Osiris tablet for safekeeping had it stolen from him by a sinister Sorcerer named Zortax. The nefarious¬†Sorcerer Zortax attempted to raise an army of the dead from the Underworld in order to take over the world. ¬†He made several ritualistic sacrifices to Osiris for his approval. ¬†It’s said that strange people became appearing out of nowhere at¬†The Great Pyramid of Giza in March of 1993. This army of the dead could have very well sparked the First Battle Of Armageddon if not for a secret coalition of supernatural services from the United States, and other governments of the world who got word of the Zortax threat. In addition private paranormal crime fighters were employed in this titanic effort to thwart the army of the damned. The Sorcerer Zortax was assassinated¬†by mystical sharp shooters as he performed his dark ritual nearby. The Golden Tablet Of Osiris mysteriously vanished into the shifting Egyptian sands never to be seen again. ¬†Although there are rumors it was seen in the private collection of a French billionaire in 2001!

What Are Supernatural Jabba’s?

Jabba Shape ShifterJabba’s are paranormal¬†monsters¬†named after the infamous Star Wars character Jabba The Hutt. ¬†These relatively new Cryptids first began to appear in the 1950’s, and were merely classified as large scale cannibalistic¬†Shape Shifters for a time until given the name Jabba in the mid 1980’s. ¬†These are humans with a unique set of junk DNA. ¬†Those usually responsible for superpowers in Humans. ¬†These genes appear to interact with a combination of environmental pollutants such as¬†radiation, and various chemicals including unnatural food additives. ¬†Soon after genetic activation the human subject acquires a monumental appetite despite having a low metabolism. ¬†They quickly pack on the pounds, and at some point they set their eyes on small humans. ¬†Upon their first foray into cannibalism they begin to develop shape shifting properties that allow them to devour large items they can swallow whole. ¬†They can literally stretch their mouths, and digestive systems to accommodate all manner of objects including furniture, and sometimes small vehicles! ¬†However they primarily crave humans in an almost zombie way. ¬†They retain their sentient intelligence, and are alive so they are by no means zombies. Although their persona is obsessed with devouring everything in sight! ¬†In addition even if these cannibalistic sickos get so desperate as to start eating corpses they won’t turn into Ghouls.

The Jabba’s eventually bloat up to several¬†tons or more in weight. ¬†Their natural state is a grotesque blob of deformed blubber who limbs are barely¬†visible amid their excessive flesh. ¬†They will often have long periods of hibernation in desolate rural areas. Deep woods, and swamps are their favorites. Usually a body of water is nearby. ¬†This low activity period goes on until they start to burn off too much fat, and then they shape shift to a human appearing mobile form so they can walk among us, and stalk their next meal! ¬†At some point they grow so horizontally challenged that shape shifting ceases, and they eventually rot to death. ¬†The average lifespan of a Jabba is only about 16 years or so! ¬†In addition they are neither good nor evil. ¬†Like Zombies they merely act on instinct. Therefore a¬†human who becomes a Jabba is exempt from negative Afterlife ramifications associated with murder. ¬†This despite the fact that their human soul remains attached, and in anguish over the heinous culinary acts they have performed.

Cryptozoologists have yet to find the specific¬†set of mechanisms that cause Jabbaism nor the cure. ¬†However if caught, and supernaturally treated in the early stages, a human can be restored to their former glory. There is no known defense against Jabba’s. ¬†Even in their human shape shifting form beheading or lighting them ablaze causes them to shift back to blob form. ¬†Often a 9 foot high pile of blubber several tons in weight. Their dense structure, and sheer mass make injuring them difficult, and the fat just seems to immediately fill in any wounds! ¬†Even powerful paranormal beings seem to be no match for Jabba’s. Neither Demi-Demons, vampires, werewolves, zombies, or even Hulks¬†have had any success in defeating these gargantuan entities! The fantastical power of their fat is legendary! ¬†Just think of a fight between the Incredible Hulk, and Angry Birds Big Terrance as an example. Not even the most famous Shapeshifter, Slender Man, was a match for a Jabba he came across in the early 1990’s! ¬†Unfortunately just as he was about to be squashed into oblivion he chickened out and Teleported away to safety! Of course Slender has his own protection spell mechanism so it’s doubtful he would have died.

Jabba Human

Human Form Jabba

Jabba’s¬†aren’t demonic in nature so religious artifacts have no effect. For reasons unknown they seem to be immune to even the most magnificent magics. Possibly some protection caused by a direct tapping into the supernatural human soul? If they don’t eat you whole then they’ll simply sit on you causing you to literally flatten like a pancake! ¬†Your only defense is to run because that they don’t do very well moving fast even in their brief human forms. ¬†That mass is still with them. It’s just extremely tight packed into their compact¬†form. Paranormal professionals have been able to capture, and contain Jabba’s in their hibernation state with the element of surprise, and special heavy lifting equipment of steel. ¬†There are at least three live specimens currently locked away in secret underground supernatural facilities around the world. ¬†Study continues into these deeply disturbing supernatural oddities!