Are The Celtic Goddess & Heavenly Angel Saint Brigid The Same Person?

Goddess Angel Saint BrigidDespite what you may have read our supernatural research has uncovered the ancient texts that indicate that the Celtic Irish Goddess Brigid, and the Christian Saint Brigid, an Irish Nun who ascended to Angelhood after death, are in fact the same person. In addition various high level Wicca Priestesses, Witches, and psychics have verified this data, and offered additions to it as well. It’s no coincidence that these supposedly two distinct women have their respective holidays of Imbolc (Celtic Spring), and Saint Brigid’s Day on February 1st. How can this be you say? Well the fact is that God, aka the God of our Omniverse (vast collection of Multiverses made up of parallel Universes), did not have a hand in creating the worlds religions including Christianity. However the Demigod Jesus Christ, Angels, and Heaven do exist.

In fact most Angels are deceased humans since all good humans ascend to Angelhood, and eventually Godhood in the higher dimensions to start their own Omniverses. Brigid, like all of us, was first born into Heaven as an Angelic soul. We describe it as an ascension to Angelhood after death because it’s easier to explain that way. However since Heaven exists outside of time it’s hard to say what came first. Our biological lives in the parallel Universes or our Angel self in Heaven where we’re born with all those memories from day one.  Read The Rest Of The Article…

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6 thoughts on “Are The Celtic Goddess & Heavenly Angel Saint Brigid The Same Person?

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  2. For the sake of humanity I hope you’re right! I don’t know. All I know is I am here to defend the innocent. Against whatever it is threatening this planet. Drake I think of Vampires & Werewolves as humans. (Super humans.) 🙂 The aliens hopefully will give up their hopes on ever taking us over. It’s bad enough we have an evil immortal Dmitri trying to wreak havoc upon our world.

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