What’s The Story Behind Enchanted Easter?

The Enchanted Easter Bunny And Demigod Jesus Christ
The sensational supernatural story of Easter begins with the Demigod Jesus Christ. It is a celebration of his resurrection after being crucified by the Romans in about 30 AD. As the son of the Omniverse God, he possessed Omnikinetic powers or the full range of psychokinetic powers available in this particular reality. However, they were watered down somewhat as he chose to be born in biological form to experience what it was to live as a human. Despite this, he still should have had no issue overpowering the Romans when they captured him. It was in fact an invader from outside the Omniverse who weakened him. A time-traveling Easter Bunny, aka the Werehare leader of Easter, attempted to save Jesus but the poor little fella was no match for this nefarious force of darkness!

Certainly, the secret supernatural record shows that the Demigod Christ actively battled the forces of darkness by night while preaching the word of God by day. There is evidence he was a prolific exorcist of demons and slayer of vampires! In reality, he didn’t choose to die for humankind’s sins as that makes no sense. So-called sin is a subjective natural state of any given culture among the wide expanses of Parallel Universes, Multiverses, and beyond! Even good and evil appear to meld into a balanced intertwined state at the highest Macroverse level of reality. An extensive set of experiences and knowledge necessary for humankind’s eventual ascension to Angelhood and eventually Godhood. It is most humans destiny to become Omniverse Gods in the grander Macroverse.🐰 Read The Rest Of This Supernatural Story On Our Main Website To Learn The Easter Bunny’s Role In This Hallowed Holiday…

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