November 30, 2022

8 thoughts on “The Dark Vampire Meistiensos Reappears As A Ghost!

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  2. Hi Rebecca & Xavier,.. Did you ever find out who turned those zombie Turkeys.. Sorry I was chuckling at first! Just surprised me.. I know it’s not a laughing matter! Did you get all of them, would be bad if it got out into nature! I’m so glad to hear Xavier’s mom is handling her first experience with a ghost well. I know my parents would freak out if that happened to them. My step father is scared of his own shadow! 😉 He won’t even watch a scary movie.. He’s so afraid of bad dreams. I can’t blame him. He had me for a step daughter. lol j/k 😉

    Well I hope Meistiensos stops haunting everyone! My son also told me he seen a very large dark shadow walking down our stairs about 4nights ago! I don’t know who it was. But it scared him pretty bad. He tried to just ignore it. He said it was so powerful and large it was hard not to look at it. He said it then disappeared, then began moving things and hiting the back of his sofa. He jumped up! He was trying to play his new Black Ops Game lol. He said he refused to stop playing! That’s some real game play! hahaha.. I also think it was good for Father Tom to have company 😉 “I hope you read that Tom”.

    If I see anything else of Meistiensos I will let you know. I can’t prove it was him for certain. Have a great night.. Sweet dreams!

    P.S. I enjoy reading what you write! 🙂

    1. It turned out to be some high school kids dabbling in the dark arts. I guess high school pranks have evolved into reanimating turkeys from the dead to create a whole new breed of clucking zombie menace. Zack found out who was behind it since gossip flies like wildfire down at Woodland Springs High. Julia, and I then confronted them at their lair in the woods near their house. Actually a dilapidated wood shack with demonic symbols on it. After Julia displayed her telekinesis, and I my powers of witchcraft they realized it was time to retire from the magic biz. Unfortunately their supernatural shack burst into spontaneous flames. I can’t imagine why. 🙂

      Speaking of Meistiensos that pervert of a ghost appeared in back of me as I was showering. I was turning around to grab some body wash, and he’s standing their naked. Yes naked! I’ve never seen a naked ghost before. They always have clothes on because that’s how they appear to themselves in their minds. If you became a ghost you’d probably be wearing your favorite clothes or the last things you had worn while alive. Even people who die naked have clothes on. It’s just common Universal courtesy. He just stood their naked, and silent staring at me with a creepy smile on his face. Luckily I had some mystical bathing salts nearby. I threw a handful at him, and he dissappeared.

      Yes Father Tom, and I were quite close Thanksgiving night. He even got had some fun with Duanna. Surely he won’t hold out any longer. I don’t tease Father Tom just for laughs. I’m just trying to help the poor repressed guy out.

  3. Hi Tom.. There you are! Hey I just want you to know.. It is no sin to make love in the eyes of the lord. Even Jesus had a wife! I can’t see how it would be a mark against your devoted services to God. It’s only in your human nature to desire a woman. Just saying! I see nothing wrong with you being happy Tom. 🙂

    Lol Rebecca… Thank goodness I’ve never seen Mr M naked. I bet that about gave you a hear failure! Good luck with keeping him away! I haven’t seen him in a week. Have a wonderful night everyone!

    P.S. Tom you are a good man of God. Don’t be so harsh upon yourself. God would want you to be truly happy.

    1. I’m sorry but I must disagree with you. The Son of the Lord was sinless, and pure. He dare not even gaze upon a woman with lust. He was a virgin, and was only faithful to the Lord Father. He met all manner of temptations within his biological form, and rose above it. Clearly over the past weeks I’ve fallen short of this my life goal. I’ve been compromised. However I’ve agreed to go on a date this Saturday with Miss Sargon to discuss the Holy Scriptures, and show her that sexuality isn’t the path to eternal life. Only in the Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit can we find everlasting life in Heaven free of eternal damnation. I pray I can save Duanna’s soul, and Rebecca as well. I fear for her rampant sensuality, and her delving into the Devil’s witchcraft. Still I love all sinners, and pray for their salvation. I support Mystic Investigations battle against evil even if they must utilize unsavory methods. God bless all whose souls are without darkness!

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