March 27, 2023

8 thoughts on “Did Biological Beings Always Exist For Eternity Into The Past?

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  2. Wow Trillions and trillions of beings before us, that’s a lot of years, yet Hell has not been eraticated? Makes you wonder if hell also has to be eternal to create the evil that the Macroverse needs in order to achieve a mathimatical perfection.

    1. Well keep in mind that our Hell is just in this Omniverse. There are near infinite Omniverses which may or may not have their own versions of Hell. As long as there is free will evil will unfortunately exist. Most likely there is a need for a balance between good, and evil to create a mathematical perfection. A perfection that can also only be achieved by exploring all probable events which includes a lot of evil.

    1. I sense Zeus, King Of The Earthly Gods Alliance, is looking at you as a potential to recruit in the great battle of Armageddon. He looking at a handful of humans who could make good Omnimagic Warriors to join his Demigods and Demigoddesses in battle.

      1. Are you able to communicate with Gods Julia? If so can you tell Zeus to stop looking at me as a potential pawn in his army. ..thank you 🙂

        I already have a army of my own…

        1. No I don’t communicate with them but I can sometimes sense Gods if I focus upon them. I sense Zeus knows you’re not interested in joining his team but he doesn’t care. Zeus goes after what he wants. He has quite a big ego.

          1. As has been pointed out someplace most gods do have quite a big ego.

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