Can The Zombie Virus Be Spread In The Water Supply Or The Air?

Zombie WallpaperYes, and no.  If the Zombification Virus was genetically modified, and released in a large enough quantity it might be possible.  The water supply poisoning scenario is nearly extremely low due to the dilution of the water itself.  However if the virus was sprayed from a plane right above you then your odds of contracting the nefarious necrosis would be much greater.  Luckily the odds are still slim since the only 100% known method of transmission is through being bitten by a living dead rotted corpse hell bent on ingesting your brains, and other vital organs.  Their saliva is the main carrier of this living deadly virus.  There’s also a minimal chance of acquiring the zombie virus through blood splatters flying about your face when eradicating the dead rising from their unholy graves.  If you come face to face with a zombie then please run away, and call your nearest zombie slaying firm.  Never take on a re-animated corpse on your own!  It’s just not worth the risk to your life!

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About Ashley Abercrombie

I'm Mystic Investigations Chief Cryptozoologist. I became interested in Cryptids when I found out my missing father was in fact a Zombie. A pre-zombie who fathered me while he was infected with the paranormal zombification virus. This made me a Zombie-Human Hybrid aka Demi-Zombie . I live a mostly normal life and have the ability to fake being medically dead. I feel my blood holds the key to curing the zombie scourge that infests our paranormal planet!🧟‍♀️

5 thoughts on “Can The Zombie Virus Be Spread In The Water Supply Or The Air?

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    • You shouldn’t worry about zombies. They can easily be ripped apart by vampires, and werewolves. Their rotting flesh is their weakness. I’m sure you could even deliver a concentrated burst of energy at one, and cause it to explode. Just shield yourself from the paranormally diseased flesh. I hope you weren’t about to eat!

  2. LOL No I’m fine. Just that I seriously never thought they existed and now I do. So when I watched a zombie movie the other night on Netflix. I got scared. 😉 Never did before! Oh well. I’m sure there are worse things than zombies to worry about.

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