January 31, 2023

18 thoughts on “Can Someone Magically Turn A Living Person Into A Zombie?

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  2. I find it very disturbing that they use there gift for evil. Admin.. This scares me. I had a bad dream once that it got into our water. The wildlife and people got it. So many. I really hope it was just a night mare. Not a vision. 🙁

  3. I don’t know why I had that nightmare! Since I never truly believed in zombies. My kids do. They make me watch all the new zombie moves with them. lol And I don’t get scared since I didn’t believe it could be possible. Since that nightmare. I thought maybe. So it was very lucid. Doesn’t mean it’s going to happen. Just freaked me out! Thank you!

  4. Well Storm Lake is only 3 hours away from my town. What if there’s ever another outbreak? Do you suppose it got out into the wild life? I hope there’s a cure. I’ve had nightmares that there were zombies running through my street. I looked outside and heard them pounding on my house. I laughed.. I said there’s not such thing as zombies. lol I probably would if it ever happened.

    I really hope this never happens. I have always believed in Vampires but not zombies. Great! Ashley please develop a cure and fast! I don’t normally take my dreams lightly. If the government is that naive to plant any sort of virus upon this earth. Then they should be the first to go! They won’t be able to control this. Since if even a single mosquito bites a zombie and bites anything else. Wouldn’t it spread that way as well? I prefer to be a Vampire over any other paranormal DNA. Not zombie.

    1. Zombies are quite real. I don’t usually broadcast this but I myself happen to be half zombie. My dad got my mother pregnant right after he was infected but still had his human consciousness about him. My human half seemed to stabilize the zombie half so I look normal and don’t have rotting flesh. However I can halt my heart beat, and breathing at will to trick my enemies into thinking I’m dead.

      I assume you’re talking about the recent lake Zombie outbreaks? Those were confined to Friday The 13th. You’re too far from Storm Lake for there to be an issue.

      The zombie virus can’t be spread from different species. So a mosquito wouldn’t give it to you.

  5. Hello Ashley, I apologize for my very late response. That is so amazing. You have a true gift if you can trick other into believing your dead. I wouldn’t say it’s so bad to have this virus if you can control it. I’m sorry for your father. Very sad. 🙁

    I also read the article. About the zombie shark. That is very terrifying. I’m afraid of sharks the way it is. Won’t the zombie virus eventually kill off this shark? I hope so. Relived mosquito’s can’t spread this virus. Can’t people out run a zombie? Or can they run? In the movies they are slow and sluggish. They more than likely catch us off guard. Thank you Ashley for you response. 🙂

    1. I still hope my father is alive. Since he was taken by the government I’m confident that he is on ice in some top secret lab at some military base. Maybe Area 51. Hopefully they didn’t use him for an experiment. If he wasn’t frozen then he would be rotted into nothingness by now.

      The zombie shark will most likely rot into nothing within three years.

      Yes zombies are easy to out run since they are quite slow. Trouble comes when you’re surrounded by a hoard of the living dead. Clearly one zombie wouldn’t be much of a threat unless you were trapped somewhere with it.

    1. Yes we heard about the disturbing news. Our local paranormal investigator contacts have told us that there was actually a small zombie uprising caused by a Warlock named Dartanian. These guys, and gals as well, never seem to have a last name. I guess it’s trendy to have one name. Some other paranormal warriors are going after him but we might be going to Florida to help them out.

      Every time we hear about something bad happening we assume it’s Dimitri Diablo but he’s actually here at the Bilderberg conference in Chantilly, Virginia. We’ve been here since Wednesday. They kicked us out of our rooms we had booked since last year. They kicked all the guests out in fact just so the Illuminati can have their pathetic little secret meeting. Luckily we had jobs lined up in advance. Would you believe I served a Diet Coke to Dimitri himself? Seriously? A Diet Coke? Does this immortal really need to worry about his figure? Rebecca glamoured me an excellent disguise. I listened to him arguing with the Illuminati representatives, and the vampire royalty as well. It doesn’t sound like he wants to play ball with them. He’s determined to take over the planet on his own. It was hilarious watching the group of Illuminati security comprised of witches, warlocks, wizards, and one sorcerer. There was at least 23 of them, and they were all clearly beyond nervous because they felt the unbridled deadly power of Diablo. Just his cold evil stare gives me chills which never happens to me. He is beyond disturbing to be in a room with.

  6. Where would you hide? I asked the kids this.. How would you know you’re not running right into the zombies. That is if they ever were out of control. I heard it caused a panic in Florida as well. People were driving like mad.. even in my town.. they were freaking out! Driving crazy!

    1. You can’t know if you’re headed into a zombie hoard unless you have magical help. A witch like Rebecca can scry over a local map to locate zombies if she has some of their flesh, or a bit of mine. Our psychic Julia can sometimes sense large hoards of the living dead as well. They do give off a negative dark energy that you might be able to sense if you really concentrate.

      Having a large sports utility vehicle or pick-up truck helps. Load it up with essential supplies, and of course guns, and machetes. Then floor it out of town, and head for the most remote rural area you can find. If you see a zombie hoard in your path just floor it, and slam into their rotting corpses at top speed. If you need to stop for gas or raid a grocery store then have one person with a gun standing watch ready to blast the ever loving hell out of the living dead. Since I’m half-zombie I have the benefit of zombies ignoring me for the most part anyway. If there was ever a widespread global Zombie pandemic Woodland Springs would probably be the best place to travel to. We have so many other paranormal creatures here that would take out the zombies. You’d definitely be safe in the Mystical Forest or even the Enchanted Woodland…well from the zombies anyway.

  7. Hi Drake, It’s pretty scary to think there are more people like Diimitri in this world. Yeah.. diet coke? lol I can’t stand diet anything. It’s really bad for you. (Well me.) lol I’m sure you don’t drink it. I hope I never see him again! Whomever it was that came to me that night. He was very scary. I wonder who is strong enough to take Dimitri down? Do you think Pan, The Devil and Hyades could do it? That would be something to see! But I’m afraid they might be on his side. What if he is the new Evil.

    1. Maybe the toxic Aspartame in the soda fuels his evil cells. I know everyone here at Mystic Investigations loathes the taste of Diet Coke. There is a drink machine in the Cafeteria with mostly fresh fruit, and vegetable juices along with bottled water. However the few selections of soda are all non-diet. Zack Powers can’t seem to get enough of that Mountain Dew. I guess when nanobots repair your cells everyday you can eat, and drink whatever you like.

    2. Just as the Devil became a fallen Angel due to his huge ego believing he would make a better God so Dimitri thinks he would make a better Devil. The Devil, and Dimitri don’t like each other. One would think that an Archdemon, or Earthly Gods would have the power to take down what is basically a magically enhanced human. However Dimitri has become just about the most powerful practitioner of magic on Earth, and magic can do just about anything.

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